It’s All About Perspective

Last night at dinner we were talking about something–I can’t remember what*. I’m pretty sure we were talking about how Jim didn’t find that SNL Digital Short with Andy Samberg and T-Pain funny…AT ALL. Before I go on, here it is.

I never thought I’d be on a boooooat…”

Jim’s sense of humor is very different from that of the other three of us (four if you count Julesie). He definitely has a great sense of humor, but doesn’t find much of the pop culture stuff that we like all too funny. (He has no idea who T-Pain is, either, saying “that guy looked ridiculous in his top hat.” Bygones.)

Anyway, I *think* we were giving him a hard time for not finding the funny in this video (which, I’m sure some of you will *also* not find funny. But some will. That’s the beauty of the Freedom to Laugh.).

At some point, Jim said, “I’m just not a good actor, that’s all.”

The younger boy said, “Well Dad, you’re a MUCH better actor than you are an actress.”

Jim smiled and replied, “That’s for sure.”

*And because of that minor issue, the only actual truth in this story may be the punchline. Sorry about that.