Who Can Take A Sunrise, Sprinkle It In Dew…

A little less like Jews headed to Jerusalem and a little more like Elvis fans heading to Graceland, my family is making a long-awaited pilgrimage on this NYC trip. To a candy store.

This is not just any candy store; it’s a mecca of sweetness…and even saying that is a total understatement. This candy store has a very special meaning to our family and my kids have been absolutely dying to visit. Well, one of them has. *wink*

I went with Julesie a few years ago and there are just so many cool things about this place. The color. The variety. The candy. The clothing. There are even containers of celebrities’ favorite candies with their autograph on the outside, if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s just a really unique place, and I’m really excited to visit it again.



  • Tom

    Ooh! ooh! I saw this on one of them Food Network shows. Wow! I’m so envious. That’s cool that you get to like, touch the counter and stuff. Hope you’re still hailing taxis looking for Ben Bailey’s cab.

  • Michelle

    I’m glad I’m not the only one drooling here. I could SO go for some really sour candy right about now. Sooooo whadja get?

  • Andie

    I’ve been there! Yum. I stocked up on garbage pail kids and those little dots on paper! so fun!

    There is a really good restaurant right across the street from it!
    Conveniently, too, it’s right down the street from sereedipity!