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Goin’ to the Chapel and They’re Gonna Get Married…

It’s Royal Wedding Day!!

*screams, runs laps*

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that Prince Harry, younger son of Charles and Diana, Prince and (the late) Princess of Wales will be marrying American beauty (and smarty) Meghan Markle today. I’ll be live-blogging the action as seen on NBC starting at 4:30am Eastern, so if you’re a royal fanatic like I am, please come back throughout this bright and early morning to see what I thought was important or funny or awesome enough to document, and leave some comments as we go!

Here’s some of what we know at this point:

  1. The ceremony itself will actually take place at 7am Eastern (noon BST), at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.
  2. Guests will arrive between 4:30-6:00am Eastern.
  3. The Royal Family will arrive at 6:20am Eastern, followed by Princes Harry and William.
  4. Meghan and her mom will arrive together, shortly after that.
  5. Prince Charles will walk Meghan down the aisle, Prince William will be the Best Man, and two of his children (Prince George and Princess Charlotte) will be a part of the group of kids acting as bridesmaids and page boys.
  6. Harry and Meghan will receive new titles from the Queen when they marry; the word is that they will likely be known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
  7. Diana’s brother and two sisters will attend the wedding, and one of her sisters (Lady Jane Fellowes) will do a reading at the ceremony.
  8. Other guests include Meghan’s costars from “Suits”, the Spice Girls, and Sarah Ferguson (who will be at the ceremony but is not invited to the private family dinner given by Prince Charles at Frogmore House).
  9. Elton John is expected to perform at the ceremony.
  10. Unless Hoda and Savannah misinformed us all and/or I heard them wrong when I watched their one hour prime time special, Meghan herself is expected to speak at the ceremony (!!).

On Monday I gave you a general idea of how I THOUGHT this morning would go; I’m assuming my predictions will be about half right.

In the meantime, you’re cordially invited to settle in. I’m getting all comfy on my living room couch and I’m so ready to see Harry and Meghan’s special day unfold. I’m wearing this amazing shirt, comfy pants, and a red fascinator (I call it “Knoxville Wedding Chic”).

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While I will be eating breakfast I also have almond M&M’s in the colors of the United States AND the United Kingdom on hand to munch on (it’s noon o’clock somewhere!), conveniently stored in a very royal container gifted to me a few years ago by my friend and fellow royal fan Sweet Sue. I can tell you that she approves 100% of this picture, even though she hadn’t seen it at the time I typed this.

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Anyway, let’s get on with it, shall we? All times are Eastern.

4:20am First, you have time to run to the bathroom and please, brush your teeth!
4:30am Savannah and Hoda are on! Man, I feel like I’ve been waiting for this forever. Let’s gooooo!
4:31am The streets of Windsor are so crowded. I wish I were there. You?
4:34am Savannah and Hoda (SaH) are giving the lowdown on today’s schedule, mentioning that when the Palace announces a time for something, it happens at that time. I wish America still operated that way, siggggghhhhhhh.
4:35am Breaking: Confirmed! Harry and Meghan WILL from today on be known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex!
4:40am Guests are beginning to arrive at Windsor Castle. NBC’s Keir Simmons is inside the gates. I’m super jealous, obvs.
4:42am Diana’s brother has just arrived. AND OPRAH IS THERE. Wow, she’s a good secret-keeper. Nobody knew she was going!
4:42am SaH are currently discussing whether Harry will arrive clean-shaven.
4:43am Ooh, Idris Elba is in the house!
4:44am Oprah is wearing a pink-ish dress with a pretty matching hat. No sign of Stedman.
4:46am LOTS of camera time for Oprah LOLZ
4:47am The parade of hats and fascinators (some kind of headwear is mandatory for women today according to the royal invitation) is amazing.

Some housekeeping during the commercial: if you refresh this page and stop seeing updates, clear your cache and try again. I’m here for the duration. (I just had to do that. *wink*)

4:52am Kathie Lee has just made a joke about being stationed on High Street. Oh Kathie Lee.
4:52am Harry’s ex, Chelsy Davy, has arrived. She’s still a part of his group of friends, so that’s pretty cool.
4:56am Currently the gang is speculating about the wedding dress. Also they’re reporting that Prince Charles is only walking her part of the way down the aisle, and (according to her original plan), she’s going to give herself away! Very awesome. So there you go, fellow feminists! Love it.
4:58am A woman in the Windsor crowds is actually wearing a bridal veil, LOL so cute! She also looks like she should put on sunscreen. I bet there’s a Windsor shop that’s currently selling Harry and Meghan-themed sunscreen…
5:00am George and Amal Clooney are invited guests; watching for them.
5:06am 18,000 people are lining “The Long Walk”, which is the path Meghan will ride into the castle as a new member of the royal family.
5:07am Meghan’s wedding ring is a simple band made of Welsh gold.
5:09am No politicians have been invited to the wedding.
5:10am Natalie Morales (known as NatMo to her friends on the Today Show team) is reporting from the Long Walk and currently telling us stuff about the crowd that we already know. Nice filler though. I guess.
5:12am NBC’s Kelly Cobiella, who has been stationed in Windsor reporting on this wedding for months, is not wearing a hat or a fascinator or a hatinator. I’m disappointed, Kelly.
5:14am Kelly is reporting that the Bobbies (British police, and is the plural Bobbies or Bobbys? I’ll google.) are singing “Chapel of Love” with the crowds so as you can see I’m a true visionary with my post title.
5:15am The correct plural for Bobby is “Bobbies.” Now we know.
5:17am Kate Middleton’s family has just arrived. Pippa is pregnant and “we” are waiting for her to step out from behind her parents so “we” can see the bump. Ah she’s barely showing yet.

Sidenote: I’m starting to get hungry.

5:20am Savannah jokes about how some of them who went out last night have a food baby the size of Pippa’s little bump.
5:21am The gang is talking about the military precision regarding the time. Everything is planned BY THE MINUTE today. I love it so much. #RelevantToMyInterests
5:22am They’re talking about how happy Meghan is that her mom is with her (duh). Meghan recorded her vows and has been practicing along with the recording.
5:24am They’re talking about what a hard week Meghan has had regarding her father and how, after a respectful distance between the announcement that her dad couldn’t make it, the couple asked Prince Charles to step in. Apparently Meghan and Charles get along very, very well. I think this is awesome.
5:26am Discussion about Meghan’s style and her influence on the fashion industry now that she’s in the spotlight.
5:26am George and Amal have arrived. She is even more GORGEOUS than usual in yellow. Her dress has a mini train!
5:27am David and Victoria Beckham have arrived. She’s wearing a navy blue dress and he is posing for pics with a fan.

Currently: trying to decide if I should eat some yogurt OR my leftover popcorn I got last night when we went to see “Deadpool 2”. (BTW awesome movie!)

5:31am Why does Victoria Beckham look so solemn? It’s not like it’s 5:30am over there right now!
5:33am Guests have to be seated in the next 30 minutes or they won’t be allowed in. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!
5:34am There are screens along the long walk in Windsor. So great for the spectators there. I bet the energy is electric. (duh)
5:35am I really feel like NatMo drew the short straw, having to talk about the crowds incessantly throughout this broadcast.
5:36am Some of these people have been camping out since Tuesday. It’s as if there’s a new iPhone being released there or something.
5:37am Kathie Lee keeps trading fascinators with the people behind her. Currently she has a swan on her head.
5:39am Talking about the important role Meghan’s mom is playing right NOW as supporter, rather than walking her down the aisle.
5:40am Parents of the page boys and bridesmaids are arriving which means someone else was saddled with the job of herding all ten of those kids, oy vey.
5:40am There is a gorgeous floral arch adorning the doorway to the chapel and a guest just got reprimanded by a Bobby for touching it LOL

*goes to get yogurt during commercial, commends self for waiting longer than expected*

5:45am Sir Elton John and husband David Furnish have arrived.
5:51am All 600 guests in the chapel are invited to the luncheon. Only 200 will be at Frogmore House tonight: that’s just for Harry and Meghan’s best friends and will likely be LIT.
5:52am The chapel doors close in eight minutes. Ring the alarm!
5:52am Another unexpected guest: James Corben!
5:55am No sign of Sarah Ferguson yet; could she be arriving with her daughters? Hmm.
5:55am Serena Williams and hubby have arrived. Apparently she’s been posting on Instagram all morning. I would, too! (She looks AMAZING.)
5:57am I want to get behind the guests who are still trickling in and start clapping my hands, yelling “GO GO GO!!! GET IN THERE!”
6:00am Guests are starting to speedwalk LOLOL
6:00am SARAH FERGUSON, strolling in like she’s walking on a Sunday morning. GET IN THERE, SARAH.
6:04am The gang wonders if Meghan is watching the pre-wedding coverage. I bet she is.

So glad I am wearing a fascinator and not a tiara. No headache!

6:06am Meghan and her mom will be getting into the car any time now…
6:07am Savannah just asked where Harry and Meghan will be staying tonight: “In Windsor?” OF COURSE IN WINDSOR, SAVANNAH.
6:09am Speculation on what HRH the Queen will wear: a bright, monochromatic look so the crowds can see her. Seems reasonable.
6:11am Meghan is five minutes behind schedule. Oh, Americans.
6:14am Orchestra is playing in the chapel now.
6:14am Car has pulled up in front of Clivedon House, the hotel where Meghan and her mom stayed last night.
6:16am Peter and Zara Phillips (cousins of Harry) has just arrived. Here come the royals!
6:18am I see Princess Beatrice and Prince Andrew, her dad and Prince Charles’ brother.
6:19am Meghan is in the vintage Rolls Royce and on her way. Her hair is in an updo. Looks like a long-sleeved dress, round neckline.

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6:21am Princess Anne (sister of Charles) has arrived.
6:23am Harry and William are expected to walk among the crowds on castle grounds any moment now.
6:24am Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice look beautiful today: much better fashion choices that look nothing like Cinderella’s stepsisters, shew!
6:25am Ah, Meghan will be speaking at the LUNCHEON, not the ceremony. That makes more sense.
6:29am Speculation that Meghan may be wearing the Spencer tiara, which Diana wore to her wedding.

The frequency of my friends’ texting me is increasing. Morning, everyone!

6:33am SaH commenting on “so many Americans” in England right now. Of course! (I’d have been there if I could!)
6:35am William and Harry have arrived! Harry’s beard is still attached to his face. They are wearing dress military uniforms.
6:36am Ugh I wish Diana were still alive to see her boys stand together.
6:38am William and Harry have entered the chapel. Harry looks soooo nervous!
6:41am Meghan is almost there. The crowd is getting ready to go wild.
6:43am The vintage Rolls Royce was built for the Queen and there are only 16 of them in existence.
6:44am We’re waiting for Prince Charles, Meghan’s mom, and HRH the Queen.

How can Jim still be sleeping? Don’t answer that.

6:46am The motorcade is driving past the crowds now. They are going insane.
6:46am I’m so nervous for Meghan! Eek! This is exciting.
6:47am I would love to be able to hear the convo between Meghan and her mom right now.
6:48am Camera shot of Princes William and Harry. I wonder if William is all, “Harry, wow the baby kept us up all night last night” and Harry is all, “Dude, this is MY day.” (probably not.)
6:50am The royal wedding program was released online. Click here to read.

6:53am Meghan’s mom is now out of the car and Meghan is going to assemble with her page boys and bridesmaids. Still waiting for Charles and Camilla to arrive…
6:54am And there they are.
6:54am HRH the Queen and Prince Philip have arrived. She’s wearing a lime green dress with matching hat and is smiling from ear to ear.
6:56am Prince Philip is 96 years old. HRH the Queen has been on the throne for 66 years! We’re just waiting for Meghan and the little kids now!
6:57am The kids are rolling up. HRH the Queen and Prince Philip have taken their seats in the chapel.
6:58am Shot of Meghan’s mom in the chapel, looking beautiful. The kids are getting out of the car; looking for George and Charlotte.
6:59am Ah, there’s Kate, with the kids! And here comes the bride!
7:00am The car is pulling up…

7:00am Door is opening… And there she is! Gah so beautiful! Her dress is gorgeous. Very elegant and simple. Long veil. “She looks regal.” The dress is Givenchy. I’ll grab a pic in a sec.
7:02am Meghan is going in, followed by the children. Harry keeps his eyes on the door. Siiiiigh. Charles has just taken her arm and there they go.


7:05am Harry and Meghan chat. No doubt he is telling her how gorgeous she looks.
7:06am Ceremony is beginning.

wedgrab1905b 1

7:10am Harry has just removed her veil from her face. She is so, so beautiful.
7:13am I totally said “We will!” with the family when asked if they/we would support Harry and Meghan LOLOL
7:13am I believe this is Lady Jane Fellows, Diana’s sister, reading.
7:18am Reading now is Bishop Michael Curry, of Chicago. (Woot, Chi-town represent!) He’s speaking about love and I am on my feet. (Only in my head though. Because I’m tired! But I’m all in, Bishop Curry!)
7:21am Shot of Kate sitting next to Camilla. They both look amazing, Camilla is in pink and Kate in pale yellow.
7:28am Bishop Curry is spectacular but I find myself wondering if he’s running long.

Okay, I’m breaking into my leftover popcorn.

7:31am Bishop Curry has finished delivering his amazing message. Now the gospel choir! YAY!


7:35am Vows! She’s making eye contact with him and smiling. Aww! He still looks nervous.
7:36am She is reciting her vows perfectly. Not surprised.
7:38am RINGS
7:39am She just put his ring on his hand and then as they turned forward she grabbed his hand. Swoon. “I therefore proclaim that they are husband and wife.” AND THE CROWD GOES WILD.
7:44am The Duke and Duchess are getting blessed. In a good way.
7:50am Aww Charles and Meghan’s mom smiling at each other awwwwww!
7:52am Right now Harry, Meghan and the family are signing the registry. Never televised so we have to sit and amuse ourselves.
7:56am This cellist, Sheku Kanneh-Mason from LA, is amazing. Oops, he’s not from LA. He’s British. My bad. He’s only nineteen! Way to go, Sheku!
7:59am The flowers in the chapel are glorious. I bet they smell amazing. In case you wondered, there are white foxgloves, peonies (Meghan’s fave) and roses (Diana’s fave).

Jim just said (to me), “Nice hat.” I said, “IT’S A FASCINATOR.” (He knew that.)

8:02am Registry is signed! Meghan’s mom is smiling proudly. The whole chapel is singing “God Save the Queen.”

2018 royal wedding doria 1526729536 1

8:04am Harry and Meghan are heading out! My gosh, her dress is simply stunning. The kids following behind them are adorable.
8:05am First glimpse of them outside by the crowds, who are cheering. They kiss! (Harry and Meghan, not the crowds.)

Harry and Meghan 1

8:06am The family appears behind them on the chapel steps. What a picture!
8:07am Kate bends down to point out the carriage to Charlotte, who suddenly looks so much older! Harry and Meghan are getting into the Ascot Landau carriage to make their way through the waiting crowds.
8:09am Charlotte waving goodbye OMG SO CUUUUUTE
8:09am Ugh how romantic: part of the bouquet Meghan is holding in the carriage was handpicked by Harry at Kensington Palace.
8:12am The bells are ringing. HRH the Queen has just departed the chapel.

Town & Country has awesome wedding pics HERE.

8:15am Hoda says, “Actually Meghan looks pretty overwhelmed at all the adulation, doesn’t she?” Of course she does. There’s no prep for this, actress or not. But she looks so very happy.
8:16am Al Roker shouts out for Meghan like a loon as the carriage goes by. I can’t say I blame him. I would be equally unrestrained.
8:19am Meghan’s veil is 16 feet long and has embroidery on it representing all the countries in the Commonwealth. Those who sewed the veil had to wash their hands every thirty minutes. I love details like this. The tiara she’s wearing is the Queen Mary Diamond Bandeau, from the Queen’s collection.
8:23am Meghan is doing her best to look in every direction as they ride through the streets. Her royal wave is on point.
8:29am I am worried about Meghan’s neck and hope she doesn’t give herself whiplash. She’s trying so hard right now!
8:33am Keir Simmons is breathlessly detailing the parts of the ceremony that got the biggest cheers from the crowd outside.
8:35am Looks like Harry and Meghan have arrived at Windsor Castle. Oh wait, maybe not. Scratch that.
8:36am Commentary now on the luncheon, which is standing, not seated. Once HRH the Queen is finished eating, everyone’s plates get removed. Chow down, luncheon guests, and make it snappy!
8:44am Today Show crew is basically filling time right now.

Jim has sighed heavily a couple of times and is now accelerating his bike ride prep so he can get outta here.

8:47am Commentary on how Prince Charles has been so welcoming of Meghan and also her mom, especially today. I agree and wow how far his public image has come in the last twenty years, amirite?
9:02am Well, looks like the excitement is over for now! Thanks for joining me this morning, you guys. Have a great day, and I hope you and I get a nap!