This Is Not Just Any Old Blog Contest…

…it’s one in which, if you want a chance to win, you’re going to have to “suffer through” my vacation photos! (But not all 500 of them. No worries.)

I’m back from NYC (yay!) and ready to do some show-and-telling, and I’m using a great incentive to bribe entice you to read the Scrawl daily during my vacation review!

First, my snazzy graphic. Ta-dah!

Basically, here’s how it goes. I have about ten posts on the way about my trip to New York. I have so much that I want to share with you (as I mentioned a few days ago, those of you who remember my ONE DAY in Chicago last summer will not be surprised at all with the amount of activity my family packed into a three-day NYC trip) that I thought we’d all have a little fun.

The prize? Pieces of my trip! I picked up some cool stuff that I’m going to box up and send (or deliver, if you’re local!) to the lucky Winner or Winner-ette. Check it out:

Included in the Grand (and only) Prize?

—-> An I β™₯ NY t-shirt (size L)
—-> A I β™₯ NY mug
—-> A souvenir M&M World penny
—-> A nifty Statue of Liberty pen, featuring a ferry that moves when you tilt it
—-> 5 assorted postcards (unused, of course: DUH)
—-> Peppermints from Dylan’s Candy Bar
—-> A sample of Reese’s Select Clusters (from the Times Square Hershey Store)
—-> A totebag from the Times Square Virgin Megastore, which closed over the weekend
—-> A purse-sized bottle of Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer (new: it was extra!)

And now, for the rules. As I mentioned, I have posts coming up for the next ten days (at least!) about my trip. (I promise to do my best to be entertaining.) You will get one entry in the drawing each time you leave a comment on each of my posts, today through April 13. You can only get one entry PER POST, so there is no need to do any of that silly off-the-deep-end amount of commenting on each post sort of thing. So if I do ten posts between today and April 13 and you comment on every single one, you will have ten entries in the drawing. (If I go nuts and post every day, making 13 posts, you can get 13 entries! It’s that easy! Crazy, huh???)

You can get bonus entries by posting about this contest on your own blog and/or Facebook page; it must include my snazzy graphic (the first photo, above) AND a link to this very post. Please leave a comment on this post letting me know that you linked it, so I’ll make sure not to miss adding your extra entry/entries. If you have a blog AND Facebook and you put it up on both, you’ll get two entries!

I will draw and announce the winner (here on the blog!) on April 15. I will attempt to contact whoever wins, but if the winner is someone who doesn’t have contact info readily available, they’ll have to contact me by April 18; otherwise I’ll pick another winner.

Any questions? Let me know! Otherwise, thanks in advance for letting me share my trip with you, and Happy Commenting!

EDITED: If you’re stopping in after being referred by one of my readers, WELCOME! And boy, (or girl,) you’ve got some catching up to do! Just click on my header to refresh the page and you’ll have TONS to read. You should probably go to the restroom first, and maybe get a snack and put on a Snuggie. Thanks for reading!


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