When NYC = New York Candy

I made it quite clear in a post I wrote before I left town that a candy pilgrimage was in order for this trip to NYC, but I had no idea what a huge part candy would actually play over the three and a half days. (There are worse things!)

We spent lots of time getting up close and personal to candy in NYC. Times Square is home to the Hershey Store and M&M World. See? There’s Hershey in the background, on the next block over from M&M World.

P3290098 We visited the Hershey store only long enough to buy a candy snack pack for our double-decker bus tour (more on that in another post!); we didn’t stay long because, frankly, we have a Hershey store in Chicago and we’ve been there, done that.

M&M World? Wow. Totally different story. Whether you are just an average M&M eater with questions or a raving lunatic like Sue from As Cape Cod Turns (ask her, she’ll admit it!), you will love this store. And really, when a store has an enormous lighted sign in Times Square, not only telling you it’s “Now Open”

P2190221 but to “Come Inside!”…shouldn’t you?

P2190223 We did. More than once, actually. The store is amazing. It’s three giant floors of EVERYTHING you could ever want in M&Ms (including souvenir pennies!) As you enter, you’re greeted by the Blue M&M, dressed in his best John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever” finery.

P3290127 Of course Red, Yellow, and Green are all over the place too, in various incarnations. My favorite was Ms. Green as the Statue of Liberty.

P3290129 This place is home to the World’s Largest Wall of M&Ms; this is just ONE section of it. They sell them in solid colors as well as mixes like “America’s Mix” (red, white, and blue).

P3290130 They even sell handbags and other bags made from M&M wrappers by children in Mexico (proceeds going to their village)! These were awesome (and expensive!).

P3290135 M&M World is definitely a must-see. However, it wasn’t our favorite candy store in NYC. That would be Dylan’s Candy Bar on Third Avenue. As we approached, the heavens opened up and we could hear angels singing. I could be wrong, but I think I saw my older son wipe a little tear from his eye.

P3280046 I adore this place; I’ve been before but my family were all first-timers. I was thrilled to discover that they have expanded, going from around 10,000 square feet to about 15,000 square feet since my last visit. The colors and general atmosphere in the place were intoxicating. The background music was ALL candy-themed songs, like Madonna’s “Candy Perfume Girl” or Bow Wow Wow’s “I Want Candy”. I fell in love with this t-shirt.

P3280061 Unfortunately, it was $100 so I had to pass. Maybe this one would have worked too, since I’m a tiara-wearing girl.

P3280069 Seeing the older boy so overwhelmed over what to choose was sort of funny to me. He was like–say it with me!–a Kid in a Candy Store! Bwahahahaha!

P3280070 Here’s a wider shot of the place.

P3280073 The younger boy found the restroom, and I went in there after he did, discovering this Willy Wonka-esque wallpaper hanging in there. I had to take a picture of it.

P3280071 When I found my younger one, I asked him if he licked the wallpaper, cracking up as I asked him. I was shocked and in tears of laughter when he answered, “No. But I DID sniff it. You know, to see if it smelled like candy, which it didn’t. It smelled HORRIBLE!”

My evil German twin wanted to know what kinds of candy the celebrities enjoy, as Dylan’s has a big display case there with autographed containers. Click on the photos to make them larger if you want to check it out!

P3280049 Finally, some random shots. Love ’em.

All in all, I could live in that store, and so could everyone else in my family. The idea of a location in Chicago was tossed around a couple of years ago; I hope she (the owner is Dylan Lauren, fashion designer Ralph Lauren’s daughter!) ends up putting one here. We’ll definitely be regulars! (Their website? Click here.)



  • Mom24

    M&M world looks like a lot of fun. I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Dylan's. Maybe they will put one in Chicago. I'd have a better chance of getting there.

  • WeaselMomma

    Once again, all I can say is…… All that wonderful, sugary goodness and you brought us back a penny? (I’m never gonna let up on that).

  • Isabella

    Is that a bathtub full of gumballs?! I contemplated saying "I wanna be in there" but then I thought of all the uncomfortable places those gumballs could end up. Never mind. I'd rather do a keg stand with those M&Ms dispensers.


  • Tom

    I think I gained five pounds reading this. And my pancreas packed up and left. I sooooo want to go to either or both of those places some day. Tell me: do they have ten pound sacks to hold the M&Ms at M&M World? 'cause that's like the smallest size I'd be willing to walk out with.

  • ThompsonClan6

    The kids and I had a chance to check Dylan’s Candy Store in NYC last summer for a blogging event and, I have to tell you, it was totally worth the schlep in from Jersey. I’m still working off the sugar rush 🙂

  • terri

    I got a sugar high just from reading that. I'd love to stick my head under one of those M&M dispensers and just open it up and let it flow. Mmmmm…. chocolate!

  • Bella Daddy

    HOLY CANDY! How on earth did I miss THIS (Dylans) during my last visit to NYC…We are SO THERE 😉 (in 4 weeks)…THANKS!

  • Mrs4444

    Do you remember From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankwieler? Kendall and I would definitely like to sneak into one of these places for a night or three! 🙂

  • OhCaptain

    My wife and I hit the M&M world in Las Vegas every time we go. Looks like I need to make a trip to New York too.

    Mmmmm chocolate……

  • NukeDad

    Is it possible to get type 2 diabetes just from reading a post? I think it is. And I’m living proof.

  • Michelle

    The M&M store was definitely a ton of fun when we went… although we didn't buy much there. I was just disappointed to see Scharffenberger in Hershey's, not realizing it had been bought by Hershey's to that point *sigh*

    I totally missed out on Dylan's though, and I'm so jealous. It looks so fun. And so many choices. I would have to have a whole separate suitcase for what I brought back. But then I know I wouldn't end up eating it anyway….

    I LOVE that bathtub of candy. Way cool. wayyyyy cool.

  • Sue

    A keg stand with an M&M dispenser? God, why have I never thought of that???? I think I might make the colorful dispenser rows of M&Ms my screen saver now.
    This post just reminded me to make a cleaning appt at the dentist….

  • Andie

    is that the one that is down the street from serendipity? wow. it’s different than the last time I was there!

    I love that place, too!