Don’t Pass Over This Post!

We’re taking a wee break (just for a minute) from my seemingly never-ending NYC trip for an acknowledgment of Passover. I’ve had this little Jib Jab Passover video (below) in draft for a while now and wanted to post it. I hope you are amused!

Oddly enough (or maybe not so odd?), the little cartoon guy in the video reminds me of Eminem, whose new song (“We Made You”) I heard today for the first time. Ick. I was really disappointed with it. Have you heard it? Want to? Click here to get an earfull (and an eyefull: it’s the video!).

Anyway, back to Passover. It started tonight at sundown and now I’m looking at 8 days of no bread, bagels, english muffins, cookies, or anything with leavening (yeast) in it, and really no grains. Just matzah and matzah meal as a substitute for that kind of stuff. I’ll be eating a ton of yogurt (but not too much), cheese, eggs, and fruits and veggies. Sort of like South Beach Diet Phase 1. With luck, I’ll lose about 5 pounds.

Enjoy the video; more NYC at some point tomorrow!