Help My Seestor Help Another Seestor

Please, please, please. Do me a favor. My sister is trying to help raise money for two sisters (and great friends!) of one of her BFFs (her college roommate Emily). They both have MS. I could type up a big post about it but frankly, my sister’s post explains it beautifully and I would just really appreciate it if you would go to her blog and check it out.

Long story short:

**Go to my sister’s blog.

**Read about Nancy and Amy.

**Donate to “SeestorAmy”‘s MS Walk Team by clicking on the handy dandy link (or this one).

**Donate $10: my own Seestor will send you one of her scrumptiously beautiful photo prints, FREE. (you can see them on her blog)

**Donate $20: you’ll get two, FREE!

The catch? You’ve got til Sunday. Hurry up! Please!

Thank you. You’re awesome.


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  • Momo Fali

    A good friend of mine has MS and so does my 20 year old niece. Thank you and your sister for bringing attention to a great cause.