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Shutterfly Kills Me on a Weekly Basis.

Shutterfly’s masters of marketing send regular emails with subject lines that say “Your Memories from This Week *insert number here* Years Ago.”

I love looking at the old pictures they send, but boy oh boy, do they ever remind me of how time flies.

Take these pictures, for example. My sister snapped them thirteen years ago this week. It feels like a whole lifetime ago. I miss those little boys sometimes, but also I can hardly remember what life was like—other than BUSY—when they were that age. Additionally, I miss that dog so very much but also I can hardly remember what life was like when we had a dog in the house.

Right after I receive one of those Shutterfly emails, I sigh heavily for a second, but then I take the opportunity to reminisce, and after a few minutes I move from hardly being able to remember to remembering fully. And appreciating. And feeling very lucky that I raised and cared for those three beings under our roof for a while.

So keep sending me emails, Shutterfly. And thanks.

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