Great Service Is Great Advertising, Don’t You Think?

I thought, after my earlier rant about Abercrombie and their annoying marketing methods, it would be good to show something great that a company is doing. Great customer service, unfortunately, is becoming extinct in today’s rush-rush world, so much so that a company that holds up high standards of service almost seems weird. Fortunately it’s a good kind of weird, and I LOVELOVELOVE coming across stories like this one, which I caught this last week on the Today Show and wanted to share it with you.

That’s how you do it. I really like my local Dominicks because the people who work there are awesome, but if this store weren’t 41 miles from my house, I’d want to shop there on occasion too!



  • LceeL

    Now that's a nice story, about a nice place and a nice man. Too bad Winnetka is so far from Plainfield.

  • Huckdoll

    This is amazing!! I've started shopping at farmer's markets and smaller local grocers exactly for THIS reason (and the organic whole foods). Excellent. This video made my day.

  • sandra

    He travels 4hrs to and fro and I complain about my hour and a half? Really makes me think, why am I always so pissy about traffic? and he's on a bus and trains. Shame on me.

    Plus, totally makes me want to shop there!