Grand Theft Teddy

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After going nearly insane searching for it, I FINALLY found the photo that goes with yesterday’s post–you know, the one that I took before I committed Grand Theft Teddy. Here it is! (Curious? Great story…click here.)




  • Otter Thomas

    Cut picture. They are overloaded with bears. Good story behind the pics too. Always doing the right thing is a great lesson for your kids. My boss let me take my wife and son to New Orleans for a few days on the company dime. That was not a good plan. It did not work out will with a 6 month old in a hotel.

  • Michelle

    Wow. They're littler than mine. Does that mean that mine will grow up to be that big someday, too? Love the photo — such cuties!

  • BellaDaddy

    OOPSIE…I fixed it.,…only one s now LOL…sorry…but, I cannot change it on the poll…it won't allow…but hey, at least we know spell check works LOL

    Thank YOU!