Dough-y Day

The word of the day is Dough.

You see, Chicagoland had a very special visitor this weekend: Heather from Singing With My Heart! I have come to know Heather pretty well over the past six months and she is a super-sweet and lovely person. We’ve tweeted, texted, e-mailed, and chatted many times; I was really excited back in the summer when she told me she’d be in my area this weekend. Of course we made plans to get together.

We’ve been counting the days on Twitter for many, err, days, and today finally arrived (as it tends to do!). As it turned out, Weaselmomma was free too, and so we made it a Three’s Company kind of lunch.

First? Lou Malnati’s, for some great Chicago deep dish pizza. (There’s Dough #1!) Seriously, so good.

Then we walked that off for a while on the Riverwalk, and once we felt able to handle dessert, we went to one of my favorite places in the whole wide world, Cookie Dough Creations. There you can get egg-free (100% safe to eat) cookie dough. (There’s Dough #2!)

And now I feel very dough-y. (Aaaand, there’s Dough #3.) Blech.

But of course, it was totally worth it.


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