I Don’t Think This Is What Casper Had In Mind…

this full house ghosted
My buddy Liz over at This Full House “ghosted” me yesterday, all on account of the fact that she’s horrified that I Skyped her the other day we are totally BFFs. I had not heard of this “ghosting”. Well, consider me educated, and now I’m passing on the knowledge.

Basically, it’s a little meme in which you get to spread some bloggie love while simultaneously posting a disgusting picture on your blog until Halloween, so everyone knows that you already have one disgusting picture, and that you do NOT need another. Need more information?

The rules are easy:

(1) It’s your turn to “ghost” three other bloggers — perhaps, somewhere you haven’t commented, in a while, or a blog you’ve NEVER commented on before and is new to our blogging community.

(2) Stop by their blogs and leave a comment on their latest post saying:

“You’ve Just Been Ghosted — Come Over and Grab A Puking Pumpkin!”

(3) Copy and paste the puking pumpkin somewhere on your blog (either in a post or on your sidebar, perhaps) so that everyone can see that you have been “ghosted” and will NOT “ghost” you again. This will also let you know who you can “ghost.”

Now, I have to say that although I was honored to be ghosted by Liz, I think that puking pumpkin picture is U-G-L-Y up there at the top left of my blog page. However, I am a good sport and in favor of spreading some goodness around the blogosphere by promoting a couple of bloggers and showing my support for a fun Halloween meme like this, so there you go. Team player, that’s me.

The three bloggers I’m ghosting (and why)?

1. Nukedad at Nuclear Family Warhead: I just want to turn the screws on my good buddy a little more, to get him back into regularly blogging. We miss him and I’m hoping that if a bunch of you click through to his blog, he’ll look at his site stats and think, “Well I’ll be darned…they like me! They really like me!” Or something like that. Remember when Momo, Michael’s Daddy, Weaselmomma, and I blunked Nukedad? No? Click here. Good times.

2. Gypsy Mama Manna: She’s new to the blogging community, but I have a personal connection with her as well: she and I went to high school together (she graduated one year ahead of me, in Jim’s class!). She’s a total sweetheart, by the way. She and her family now live in an RV (by choice!) and her blog is a mish-mash of recipes, poetry, deep thoughts, and random stuff. Please go visit her, and if you like what you see, click “follow”!

3. Colleen at Wine Please: I met Colleen at BlogHer and she is so much fun. Colleen is originally from Chicago but now lives in the D.C. area with her husband and two boys. She is currently 9 weeks pregnant and so you KNOW that she needs some comment love. Go give it to her!

Click on the UGLY pumpkin picture at the top left in order to go to Liz’s original post and grab the code to put it on your blog; must be a Blogger problem because it won’t let me put the code here without it turning into the picture in the final post, and, well, that defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? So go see Liz for the code!!!

And there you go! Come back tonight (or tomorrow morning) for more excitement, after I’ve had a chance to unwind from all of this ghosting. Happy early Halloween!