Could You Do Me a Quick Favor? (Please?)

My Vancouver-livin’, hockey-lovin’, zen-seekin’, Michael Jackson admirin’, music-adorin’, lovely lookin’ friend Huckdoll recently nominated me for the 2009 Weblog Awards (thank you!!), and although I will certainly not cry if I don’t make it to the finals, I think it’s worth a shot. I mean, what the heck? Who’s to say I shouldn’t be a finalist?

Here’s where you come in. The Huckster, as I refer to her in my head but never directly to her in e-mails or comments on her blog, was so sweet that she nominated me in two categories.

The first one is “Best Individual Blogger“. Although I think my blog is pretty darn great and am humbled at the nomination, Heather, Tara, and Scary Mommy are also up for that one, and I don’t want to go up against these fine ladies (and frankly, have not a chance in hell of winning over them anyway!) (Boy, that’s a defeatist attitude if I ever wrote one, huh!).

Where I’d really like to take over the world is in the other category the Huckster chose for me, which is “Best Large Blog“. I had a little laugh because I don’t (yet!) consider my blog to be large, but according to the guidelines for the nominees in this category, the blog has to have a Technorati Authority number between 301 and 500. Well, the last time I looked at my Technorati Authority, I was at 28. You can imagine how shocked I was to look at it recently and see 471. WTH? (Actually, I don’t care how that happened. It just did.)

Anyway, there are only about twenty-something other nominees in this category with me, and although I’m sure they’re great blogs, none of them are written by anybody I know, and so if I can get to the finals I really will feel good about all of the shameless promotion I will feel compelled to do, because I’m *that* Type A about stuff like this. (Go Big or Go Home, remember?)

The nominations close on November 20, but the finalists aren’t announced until December 28. You can vote daily. I put the link over there in my left margin; if you could do me a favor and click the link each time you come to read my blog, scroll down to find me in the nomination list (Don’t add me again! Kat covered that already! 🙂 Too many duplicate noms and they reserve the right to throw me out. wah.) and then click the plus sign (no signing in necessary!!), I will love you forever. Well, I already do. But really, I will hold you in much higher regard than I already do, even though that’s barely possible.

Thanks in advance! I’m going to go figure out my campaign speech in case I make it to the finals and need to do some stumping.



  • Kat

    Would I ever? Well you have my vote, from work, from home. Daily -also from the hubby who is in the Czech Republic right now because sis? You deserve it.

  • Classy Fab Sarah

    I couldn't figure out how to do it at first (I didn't get what you meant about the plus sign)… but I figured it out.

    Nobody ever called me slow! Haha, or maybe I am.

  • Heather

    You know I vote for you, Tara, and myself every day! HAH! Huck is awesomesauce for nomming us! 🙂

    And I'll go to the other category to vote for you too, love.

  • NYC Girl

    Do you remember when Kathie Lee Gifford was on the Live with Regis & Kathie Lee show…she campaigned real hard and HYSTERICALLY to get on the cover of TV guide as "Most Beautiful Woman on TV" or something like that. It was so funny! You should do something like that on the blog.

    Seriously though you have my vote because I love your blog! I think its fantastic and I love ready every day 🙂

  • Huckdoll

    Aw, thanks for the awesome intro there 🙂

    You're really cleaning up over there in the large blog category!! I hope you make it into the finals – you deserve it!