Funny, I Didn’t Think That Hugh Hefner Ever Left the Playboy Mansion…

Seen in a Knoxville, Tennessee Kroger grocery store:

I always knew that one of those Girls Next Door would go after him eventually…



  • LceeL

    I have a young friend – rueful of the fact that she doesn't seem to be able to lose weight – who says she wants to go down south with her (also hefty) cousin and open a Gentleman's Club called "Heavenly Heifers" – because down south, according to her, they like 'big' women. Do you suppose the sign has ought to do with something like that?

  • Otter Thomas

    Hef is too old to run. I have a Kroger near my house and have never seen any mention of Hugh. What does that sign mean if I may ask? Did I miss something?