Know Why I Never Lose My Marbles?

Because I keep them in a small wooden bowl on my bedside table. Seriously.


This stone marble collection is one of my favorite things. I found them in Knoxville, Tennessee a couple of years ago when my mother-in-law and I were browsing an antique shop. Supposedly they were made by Native Americans in the area and found in the Tennessee River (or maybe the Little Pigeon River? I can’t remember.). They were in a breadbox-sized container at the antique shop, which makes me a little skeptical about their real history, but regardless of their age, I think they are pretty cool. I bought them that day and when I took them back to my in-laws’ house, my father-in-law (who my sister wrote about, here) made me the little wooden bowl that I now keep them in, because that’s how he rolls: he sees a need and fills it. The marble-and-bowl combo make me incredibly happy, and I enjoy talking about them in relation to my sanity (as in the title of this post). It’s nice to know that my marbles are always present and accounted for.



  • Anonymous

    Yes, it is nice to actually see ones marbles there are a lot of times that I think mine are totally gone. My be I need to find some and keep them close.

    Grandma W

  • NukeDad

    With your new avatar on twitter I was totally expecting a segue into a story about dradles; but this was even better! Cool find. NukeBoy2 found some arrowheads once. He puffed out his chest and said; "It's because I'm 1/32nd Cherokee" (he is).

  • Heather

    you're so cute, and it's nice to know that whenever i need to smile, i can come here and it will be done 🙂

  • getbornmagmomma

    Great to know that whenever you're in danger of losing your marbles, you know where to find them. They sound like they serve as small talisman/touchstones to center you. Brilliant idea. Of course, my children would find a game to play with them and I'd find them in the cracks of their bunk bed months later, bringing new meaning to losing my marbles.

  • LceeL

    About those marbles … America's first toy company was located in Ohio – and one of their first toys was Clay Marbles. I am willing to bet you've got a bunch of American Toy Marble Company's product there.

  • Otter Thomas

    I watched a Dirty Jobs recently where Mike made marbles. The amount of I lost my marbles jokes was jsut too much. That has nothing to do with this but other than you reminded me of the show. I am glad your marbles have a safe place to stay.

  • Andie

    I actually have a bowl full of stones. Scott & I grab a stone, shell, or rock from every place we visit and keep them in a bowl on our desk.

  • Tom

    I'll be sure to keep Michael out of there. If he ever caught sight of those, they'd be scattered into nooks and crannies and couch cushions and coat pockets all over your house in fewer than 45 seconds.

  • Keith Wilcox

    My wife is like you. She likes cute little things. I, on the other hand, hate trinkets because I'm the one who does the house cleaning and I despise dust. Do you ever take them out and play with them?