I Hope He Gets His E-mail on a Blackberry or Something…

I really sent the following e-mail:

To: Mr. Bill Neely
From: Melisa with one S

Hi Mr. Neely,

I just wanted to take a moment and commend you for your ITN report (it was shown in the States yesterday evening on NBC Evening News with Brian Williams) about the woman who was rescued from the ruins of a bank in Haiti after being buried alive for six days. Your delivery of the report was superior and I was overwrought with emotion in the first few seconds. Your report, along with her rescue, was such a rare piece of good news coming from that area of the world after the horrific tragedy endured there, and I am so appreciative that you shared it with the viewing audience.

Anyway, I’ve never written a fan letter to a correspondent before, but as a writer I know I enjoy a compliment from someone other than my husband, children, and parents* now and then, so I imagine you do as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you again for shining a light when much of the news seems very dark.


If you would like to help those in Haiti, my Joizey girl Liz has put together a SUPER post which includes a list of legitimate organizations which need funds desperately in order to do what they can in Haiti. Visit Liz here to check it out!

*Not that I don’t totally LOVE compliments from my family: keep ’em coming! haha!

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