I’m Such A Clever Girl.

Before I get to the cleverness, have you entered to win a $500 Visa gift card yet, on my review blog? No? What are you waiting for??? You only have eleven days left! (You’re not procrastinating again, are you? Go NOW. Click here. I’ll still be here when you get back.)

In other news, I’m really excited today because I got the first e-mail, hopefully of many, from the Clever Girls Collective‘s “Clever 1000” group. This is a diverse group of people who plans to work with CGC. All of us have certain things in common: we’re passionate about the connections we make with others, enjoy using social media, consider ourselves to be individuals who march to the beat of our own drummer, so to speak, and enjoy spreading the word about what we like.

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Let me give you a little bit of background on how I personally started my involvement with CGC, because it’s a fun story. The brains behind CGC belong to three lovely ladies, Stefania Pomponi Butler, Cat Lincoln, and Sheila Bernus Dowd. When I attended the BlogHer conference last July, I went to stand in line with Sue, roomie-extraordinaire, to meet the vivacious Carson Kressley. Of course, we got there early enough to be first in line, because that’s how I roll when I’m excited to meet a celebrity. Ms. Cat Lincoln happened to get there right behind us. She was there on behalf of CGC client Yummie Tummie, to present Carson with Yummie Tummie apparel (a shirt, as I recall). Cat, Sue, and I were keeping our eyes on another woman who was inching her way up as if she was going to cut in front of us to get to Carson first, and…oh yes, she did it. But the three of us were bigger people at that moment and let it go. I wrote about it, here. And yes, the part of “the lovely woman” in that post is played by Cat Lincoln.

Fast forward a couple of months. The new season of “Project Runway” finally started on its new network, and I found out that there was a twitter party going on each week, hosted by none other than Clever Girls Collective, and Cat was the person behind the CGC tweets during the East Coast party, which is the time that I watch! So, we reconnected. And she’s a blast.

It was only natural, when I found out about the Clever 1000, that I signed up. Though I am definitely not Cat’s stalker in any way, shape, or form, I really like her and the professionally friendly (and accessible) way that she, Stefania, and Sheila conduct themselves and their business. They make me want to associate with them; what can I say?

Back to the e-mail I received: they are looking for “more social media smarties”, so I wanted to post about it because I happen to know that many of my readers are indeed very smart about social media. Also, in case you men were feeling left out, don’t: this is not exclusive to women. If you are a social media smarty of the masculine variety (“Clever Guys”, if you will), they’re happy to have you on board.

To read more about the Clever 1000, click here. But don’t wait: I have no idea how many spots they have left!

And by the way, while you’re NOT procrastinating, go enter my $500 Visa gift card giveaway if you didn’t do that at the beginning. Just a reminder!

Happy Monday!


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  • nycgirl0501

    I'm going to call you my fairy godmother from now on (if that's OK) I was just looking for a group like this so I submited the questionaire. Who knows, right?! There is also a similar group of Latina bloggers that I am exploring.

    Now can we work on my boyfriend situation? :)JK lol

  • Rebecca @ Diary of a Virgin Novelist

    This post made me feel so out of it. Twitter, CGC, Blogher? I gotta get my act together! 😉

  • Heather

    This looks cool! I'll have to look more into it when I get home and am not BLOCKED constantly by work.


  • Michelle

    Oh how very cool. You would have so loved the Social Media Moms conference I went to btw. Totally up this alley!

    And ummm am I wrong to be totally creeped out by a picture of me on the bottom as one of the recommended posts and not recognizing myself for awhile but thinking that person looked familiar?