Not A Fan.

Most teenagers, at one point or another, think that the world revolves completely around them and don’t care to consider the feelings or preferences of others, especially the people they live with. As you know, my boys are fabulous individuals but that doesn’t mean they don’t possess certain “typical” teen quirks.

The older boy is “famous” for using up every last drop of hot water in the house. His idea of a quick shower is one that would give me enough time to thaw a frozen pond with a hair dryer and then warm the water in small pots on a big stove in order to use it for a bath, which I would then have time to take. With bubbles. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but not by much.

It is nearly impossible for him to take a shower that lasts less than 20-30 minutes. We’ve tried guilting him (“Oh, sorry.”), challenging him to a time trial by betting him that he can’t take a quicker shower than me or Jim (doesn’t work), and we’ve even purposely turned the washing machine on WHILE we do dishes, to run him out of the shower earlier via ice-cold water. Nothing works.

It’s just a part of our life, I guess. But I won’t stay quiet about it. One day, when I was doing my routine check of his Facebook page, I noticed something I had to leave a comment on. Please understand that I usually don’t leave a mark on his page because, you know, that’s not cool. This time, though? Couldn’t resist.

I wonder if there’s a group for parents whose kids use up all the hot water. I’ll have to check that out.


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  • kat

    I'm snorting coffee all over. That is so funny. As a mom I would've totally commented 🙂

    Hey when you guys are coming in summer I will tell him how much we pay for the water here (hot or not), bet you I can stop him from taking 20-30min showers easily, it is literally that expensive.

  • The Microblogologist

    I'm with the boy on this one, but I try to be considerate and leave at least some hot water if someone else might need it. I tend to shower at night to avoid conflict when visiting the family. That boy is faster than I am though, 30 minutes is on the shorter side for me, lol. OK back to reading boring crap, prelims suck =/

  • PJ Mullen

    You should become a fan of "Parents Who Deserve to Have a Tankless Hot Water Heater Installed and Paid for by Older Boy". I hear it's quite a popular group.

  • Liz@thisfullhouse

    Just be glad you don't live with girls and…um…what is this hot water you speak of?

  • michaelsmommy

    We should form a support group. Sister B is famous for using all the hot water in the house when she showers. For a while we even turned off the flow of hot water (at the water heater) so all she had was ice cold water. Nothing works.

  • Dawn

    Oh, and it's amazing how much our water bill has dropped since he's been away at school. AMAZING!

  • SoccerMom

    Yes, let me know if you find that fan page.
    I was also going to comment, that my son when younger liked to shower longer cause of the warm water and trying to wake up. However now that he is a teen, I am aware that teen boys shower longer for "other" reasons. This may or maynot be your sons issue. But it is something to think about. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Im just saying.

  • KayEm17

    Love that he was boasting about something that drives you bonkers. Hilarious. Gotta say that I'm in no hurry to reach the teen years!

  • Michelle

    If there's not a group, I think you need to start one. I'll support you on this one. I've heard some families just shut off the hot water altogether 😉 Just a thought….

  • Sue

    I love your description of what you could do while he is in the shower. You should all shower BEFORE he gets to take his!

  • sandra

    omg, this is hilarious! i have to show my mom because this is a never ending argument at home. i take way too long in the shower and my excuse is always my hair. yeah, it's not that. i too, just like standing in the shower because i like the hot water! once, years ago, she seriously took a bucket of cold water, picked the lock and threw it on me while i was in there. did that make me stop? nope! still take more than 30mins.