Taking A Break!

NO, it’s not what you think. You can’t get rid of me that easily.

The last two weeks have been the busiest two weeks I can remember in my recent life history, from what I can remember, anyway. The stress has impaired my memory, as clearly evidenced by the fact that I have forgotten my purse at the salon (where I work part time) NO LESS than three times during this time period, and each time I only realized it upon my arrival at home, fifteen to twenty minutes later. Yeah, the paranoid commutes back were really fun. Not.

Also, I’m a list-maker, and I have made NO LESS than five lists of what food we will be serving today, at the older boy’s graduation party. Why five? Because when I try to locate a list, I cannot.

When people ask me questions, I sputter and babble incoherently and am unable to make the easiest of decisions. I have stumbled over my own words and exclaimed, “Sorry, I can’t even speak correctly today!” so many times I’ve lost track. (Ah, but that may be the memory loss, I guess.)

I’m a hot mess.

HOWEVER, I did take one eensy, weensy break. if you mosey on over to the Chicago Moms Blog, you can read all about it!


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