• Tara

    Oh, Melisa. Your son did a great job for his first time behind the wheel.

    Unfortunately this doesn't exactly look like my daughter's first drive. More freaking out and screaming from her (and maybe me!).

    I guess thats the difference between boys and girls…


  • ThePeachy1

    Awww he did awesome.. All safety and conscious and stuff.. What a calm first experience… I am a bad mom, I let my 9 year old drive on our road. So by the time he gets old enough he will be a pro.

  • Stefanie

    Sweet mother of pearl I just threw up three times while watching that. And. I have hives.

    I promised my son I would take him driving this weekend. With the video camera, OF COURSE.

    But now? I think I would rather go skydiving. Naked. Into a major sporting event.

  • Tom

    I particularly liked the real-life "brake jamming" experience. Nice touch. He's going to do just fine.

  • Mrs4444

    That was the sweetest, sweetest thing. He is such a cutie pie, and so are you 🙂 Good luck!