Going to #Blogher10? Meet Some of My Friends!

Though I know that many people do a pre-conference post which is meant to introduce themselves to readers ahead of IRL meetings, I figured that, well, you people know me already. I thought my time would be better spent (and I would keep myself more highly entertained) if I introduce you to just four of my good friends who I plan to spend some great quality time with in Manhattan, at BlogHer. That way, if you happen to catch a glimpse of them at the Hilton or elsewhere, you can feel comfortable running up to them and tackling them to the ground, just like I intend to do!

In no particular order…

Meet Liz.


This photo was taken with my trusty, pink duct-taped Olympus camera!

Blog: This Full House
Facts: She’s a Joizey girl. Smart as a whip. Not related to Snooki. Has four children and a husband named Garth. Okay, that’s not his real name. She is both friend and blog mentor to me. Also? She tawks funny.
Turn ons: People and organizations who actively show appreciation for the U.S. Armed Forces. (Her twin brother is a valiant defender of our country’s freedom.)
Turn offs: Laundry.
My favorite Liz memory from BlogHer ’09 in Chicago: Really? Just meeting her. Liz is such a warm person, and upon our first hug I felt like we were soul sisters. Honestly. I luv huh. (<---My Joizey accent. Like it?)
Meet Momo.


This photo was taken with my trusty, pink duct-taped Olympus camera!

Blog: Momo Fali’s
Facts: Has a lovely, sweet, polite daughter and an adorable, funny, straight-to-the-point son. Lives in Ohio. Looks super-cute in a bright red clown nose. Has a huge heart. Loves me like Bert loves Ernie.
Turn ons: Fresh meat.
Turn offs: People who say “all of THE sudden“.
My favorite Momo memory from BlogHer ’09 in Chicago: Hugging her for the first time since the Meat Maiden incident was fab, but my favorite memory by far was finding a bar near the Sears “I’ll Never Call It Willis” Tower with Momo, Mishi, and Piper and spending an afternoon with each other…and $3 Patron margaritas.

Meet Sue.

DSC 0226

Photo credit: Weaselmomma, taken with Sue’s camera.

Blog: As Cape Cod Turns
Facts: Has two tween/teen daughters. Really does live on Cape Cod. Loves M&Ms. Loves her family and friends (and M&Ms) intensely. I love HER intensely.
Turn ons: M&Ms. (yes, she loves them so much I had to mention it again.)
Turn offs: Halitosis
My favorite Sue memory from BlogHer ’09 in Chicago: Sue and I had an awesome time being treated like celebrities at the Nikon party, which we were invited to at the last minute. Also, how she stood in line to get a picture and autograph from Project Runway’s Tim Gunn for me, when I was busy drinking with Momo (see above). Even though she autographed it herself and tried to pass it off as Tim’s signature. By-gones.

Meet Michelle.


This photo was taken with my trusty, pink duct-taped Olympus camera!

Blog: Honest and Truly
Facts: Has two young (wee) ones, a daughter and a son. Lives an hour north of my house. Has superb attention to detail and loves to make lists. She’s my virtual training partner for the BlogHer 5K, which we will run together. I have never met anyone in my life who shares so many common personality traits and preferences with me. It’s a little creepy.
Turn ons: Proper grammar, manners, and thoughtfulness. I know this because I enjoy those things, and so it goes that she does, too.
Turn offs: Owl vomit
My favorite Michelle memory from BlogHer ’09 in Chicago: Helping her get signed up for Twitter. Oh yeah, and accidentally wearing virtually the same outfit (see picture) to the cocktail party.

So, there they are, just four of the people I’m looking forward to attaching myself to in New York City…if you see them, tell ’em Melisa sent you!


©2010 Suburban Scrawl


  • Tara R.

    I am going to miss hanging out with all of you! Hopefully I can make it to BH11. I hope you all have great fun.

  • Michelle

    Mwah! And OMG we really DID so dress alike. I had forgotten how closely matched we were (and seriously people, this was NOT planned). Funny that we were talking about it just last night 🙂

  • As Cape Cod Turns

    I am going to crack up if someone tackles me because of this post!

    Love you too, Melisa with one S! Currently one of my Melissa friends with 2 S' is visiting my house! Thankfully I have an easy way of telling you 2 apart 🙂

    I am trying not to get too excited about NYC because basically I am so excited I might burst! Yeeeeeeee!

  • Momo Fali

    I remember those clothes! It's still funny!
    I am so sad! I didn't know that Tara won't be ther!

  • Karen MEG

    Oh I hope you have a blast!!! This post is making me sad that I won't be there this year, though :(… give everyone extra hugs for me, 'kay (including yourself!)