BlogHer Recap 2: Make New Friends But Keep The Old…One Is Silver and The Other Gold

The great thing about BlogHer is that not only do I get to hang out with many of my favorite people in the world who I’ve already had the pleasure of knowing for a long time, but I also get to meet many, many new friends. Here are only a few pictures of who I spent some time with in NYC, naturally taken with the PEN E-PL1 which Olympus has loaned me!


With Carol, NYCity Mama


With Cat, my favorite Clever Girl


With Momo from Momo Fali’s and Colleen from Mommy Always Wins


With Pauline OHMommy) from Classy Chaos


With Patty from NYC Girl at Heart, Lynn from Walking With Scissors, and Liz from This Full House


With Melissa from Rock and Drool


With Michelle (duh) from Honest and Truly


With Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus!


With Jen, @thenextmartha helping me represent our Chicago suburb!!


With Sue from As Cape Cod Turns


©2010 Suburban Scrawl


  • thenextmartha

    We DID represent well right? Loved it. So glad I've met you and bonus that you live so near. Hugs.

  • Lisa

    Great photos. Love Miss Frizzle, we read a lot of Magic School Bus around my house!!

    Been loving checking out the different blogs you've linked to as well, lots of super sweet people.

  • Momo Fali

    I LOVE these! I am also wondering if you're going to marry that camera, because I don't think I ever saw you without it!

  • Otter Thomas

    Looks like you got to see a lot of cool folks. Miss Frizzle reminds me a little of Mr. Noodle from Elmo.

  • Michelle

    Mwah! Why do I feel like that's the only picture of us together from the whole weekend?

    So much fun… so much love. And such great pictures from that camera 🙂 They put the same images from my point and shoot to SHAME.

    I LOVE the picture with Mrs. Frizzles and the books. I wish I would have done that – it's so perfect to include them.

  • Secret Agent Mishi

    Wahhhhhh! Did we miss a picture of us together?!

    I kept meaning to tell you how beautiful you look. So healthy and happy.


  • Kat - LA Blogger Gal

    Again…love the photos and can I just say, as a former school teacher….Holy Cow!!!! That's Mrs Frizzle!!

  • Liz@thisfullhouse

    I agree with Momo Fali (i.e. married to that camera) and think we should perhaps start calling you Mrs. PEN E-PL1, or Ms. Olympus, or something 🙂