CheerFULL, ResourceFULL, and ThankFULL at Hallmark’s Christmas in August Event, NYC 2010

One of the highlights of my time in New York City was the Hallmark “Christmas in August” event. I was thrilled to no end a few months back when I received an e-mail asking if I’d like to come, because my mom worked for Hallmark for years (my sister worked in her stores during high school, and I filled in over the holiday season when my older son was a baby). I know firsthand the quality of their products, and the creativity that lives within the company.

I can tell you that, from the day I first received that e-mail until after the event was over, the fine men and women who represent Hallmark couldn’t have done a better job. They are friendly, professional, relatable, and accessible, which is important to me. I was invited to another event (different company altogether) that week, for which I couldn’t get e-mailed questions answered to save my life. It did not make me a happy camper. Luckily, the Hallmark people were tremendous, and exceeded all of my expectations in every way.

The event was held in the penthouse of the historic Buckingham Hotel, and Hallmark’s “little elves” turned it into a Winter Wonderland. The theme was “CheerFull, ResourceFULL, and ThankFULL”.

Rather than reinvent the wheel here, I’m going to give you an excerpt from a thank you e-mail I sent after the event. This will highlight my favorite parts:

I just wanted to send a thank you note for the lovely party on Friday. It was truly one of the highlights of my five days in New York for the BlogHer conference. The work that you all put into the planning, decorating, and executing this event shone through, and I wanted to make sure you know how much I and my friends who were there appreciated it.

Specific elements that knocked my socks off:
*Your attention to detail was impeccable.
*The decorations were not only beautiful, but showed off the Hallmark brand and products in a way that guests could check it all out in our own way, on our own schedule.
*The different areas of the party gave all of us choices when it came to how to spend our time, and it seemed like there was something for everyone.
*The guest list was intimate, and there was plenty of room for all of us to mingle and connect…and BREATHE. (this was major for me; I attended several private events and crowding was a problem at some!)
*All of you exuded the holiday spirit to go along with the party theme.
*As a person of the Jewish faith, I highly appreciated being represented with the gorgeous menorah and wrapped Hanukkah gifts upstairs. I know it’s hard to please everyone; I found it wonderful that you reached further than Christmas (including using purple hats instead of red. 🙂 )

I look forward to continuing a relationship with Hallmark, and as I will be receiving a package full of holiday goodies from them in October, you can be sure I’ll be sharing it with you!