• WeaselMomma

    I love it! You are obviously crazy excited about going to Oprah. Don't forget to find out why she doesn't return my calls.

  • Midwestern Mama Holly

    Youre going to Oprah?!! OHH tell her for me, Im still waiting to hear back from her regarding my proposal for her to adopt me.
    Have fun!!!

  • Liz@thisfullhouse

    YAY! How exciting and, well, Oprah…YAY! I think you should totally go with wearing something RED! Have a great time and I am SO EXCITED for you…to quote your mom…"You B*TCH!"

  • Patty@NYC Girl at Heart

    I'm so HAPPY for you! Have a great time and be your fabulous self! 🙂 Have any reaction you want, nothing beat being spontaneous!

    Here's hoping you don't get a "humpback whale!" Google "Dane Cook, Oprah" if you haven't seen that skit of his 🙂

    Enjoy & I can't wait to hear all about it!

  • Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog

    This is cracking me up! I am very very jealous. I just mentioned to my husband when I saw you said you were going to Oprah that she gave away Australia tickets and he nearly died.

    Hope you have a BLAST! IF you get something, GO CRAZY. When else will you get a chance to do that???

    Have fun!

  • As Cape Cod Turns

    I can't wait to see you rush the stage when you get a CD!!! You really need to relax and enjoy the moment! Breathe girlfriend and then tell me everything!!!!

  • Momo Fali

    Blogger ate my comment! Argh!

    My favorite part of that vlog was you saying, "Who's we?" Awesome!

    I love how you made a YouTube video that discussed how you don't want to be seen on TV. That's why I love you…because you don't make any sense. I can relate to that.

    Hope you had a blast and that your mom got a CD!