Effects of the Technology Age

I spend Sunday mornings during the school year teaching a second grade religious school class of fifteen students at our temple. Today, we were talking about the First Commandent (“I am the Lord, your G-d”), and I began a discussion asking what my students wonder about G-d.

Some of the points brought up for discussion:

1. Is G-d a “he” or a “she”?
2. Is G-d a person?
3. If G-d is supposed to be everywhere, is he/she everywhere at once, or does he/she just stop in everywhere from time to time? (My favorite!!)

After discussing these topics for just a couple of minutes, I asked my class if there is a way to find out what the real, definite answers are to these questions, to prove any of these things…or if we just have to have faith and know what we believe.

One of the boys piped up from the back, saying (in all seriousness) “Why don’t you Google it? You can find the answers there!”

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