Thoughts From This Morning’s Walk

Roxie walk

I hope I don’t get rained on.

Why does Roxie have to bark at EVERYTHING? I need someone to walk a block ahead of me, warning everyone that she’s a loud barker but harmless.

I love that I can listen to music on my iPhone while walking. So grateful for Steve Jobs as well as those who invented the Sony Walkman before him. Walking with a boom box would’ve been way harder than this.

I really need to make time to file the 1500 read emails that are sitting in my inbox. I’ll feel better after I do that. Maybe tomorrow.

It just occurred to me that I take really long strides when I walk. I wish there was a way to reflect that on my fitness tracker because REALLY, I’m probably covering 30% more ground than people who walk with average-length strides and therefore more steps. I should get extra credit. I wonder if someone has studied this. I guess I’ll have to research that.

To THAT end, technically Roxie should get double steps, because she has four legs. And wow, she has to go really fast to keep up with me. I bet she gets four or five steps for every one I get. CRAZY. I feel a little bad about her having to work so hard. Wait, no I don’t. She needs to burn off that energy. This is good for her.

I wish I could put a fitness tracker on her without her pulling it off. That would be interesting. I wonder if anyone has ever put a fitness tracker on a beagle. I guess I’ll have to research that, too.

Ugh, this dog. Why does she have to poo when we’re so far away from home and/or a trash can or dumpster?? Wait, I think I wrote about this when I first started blogging in 2007. (I did, here.)

I love Pitbull. He’s my favorite walking soundtrack. So bouncy!

I should probably take some pictures for the BlogHer Instagram account. Nah, not today. I’m sure I have pictures I can use.

I’m hungry.

Don’t check Facebook while you’re walking. Don’t check Facebook while you’re walking. Don’t check Facebook while you’re walking. It can wait!

I’m gonna check Facebook real quick.

It’s always a good walk when Roxie ends up trailing behind me or walks right next to me like a good pack member should. Tired Roxie is my favorite.

Ugh, I guess walk time is over. I should do this again later this afternoon.
Haha! I crack myself up. I’m not going to walk again this afternoon. Unless I go to the mall for a while. That counts, doesn’t it? Sure it does.