HomeGoods Should Be Called HomeGreats. That’s All.

I don’t shop much, outside of purchasing food for the family because, well, ya gotta eat. The idea of going to the mall and browsing around like I did when I was a teenager and in my early twenties is something that really never sounds fun to me anymore, and I think twice (or three times) about most things that I buy when I do have to make a trip to any non-food store. My husband (who doesn’t pay much attention to price tags unless we’re shopping for something large like appliances or automobiles) gets extremely frustrated with my frugality, though I choose to look at it as being “financially aware”.

I was recently presented with a $25 gift card to HomeGoods, courtesy of HomeGoods and Blogher, to use in my holiday shopping. (Thank you!) I haven’t been to HomeGoods in about three years, though I live about four miles from one, and I work around the corner from one. I never go there anymore because, frankly, there is just too much there that will end up in my hot little hands, totally destroying my outstanding sense of “financial awareness”.

Well, I think, sadly–or happily, depending on how you look at it–I am “off the wagon” and plan to return very, very soon. When I went to HomeGoods to spend my gift card, I was reminded of how much “trouble” I could get into there, not only because of the vast selection of goodies, but also because the prices are PHENOMENAL.

As I walked around, I picked up items that interested me, looked at the prices, and literally shook my head because I was wondering how I was going to control myself. Truth.

I couldn’t decide who to shop for with my gift card; though I would love to have found something for myself (okay, I DID find something–about one hundred somethings–for myself), with the holidays coming up I really felt compelled to use the gift card for someone else. I decided that the person who would benefit from the gift card would be a surprise to me as I browsed the store, waiting for the perfect gift to show itself, telling me who I’d be buying for that day.

As it turned out, I found the aisle with all of the gourmet foods, spices, candy and such, and as my eyes scanned the shelves, there it was. The section that had a lovely white aura around it appeared in front of me as the angels started singing: pancakes.

My sister likes pancakes a lot. She even tweets about pancakes. HomeGoods had some tremendously delicious-sounding mixes, along with real syrups, right there in front of me. And how much of it could I buy for $25? Check it out:

I bought a very cool covered metal mixing bowl to go with it (with my own money), and voila’: my sister’s breakfasts are set for a while!

“Unfortunately”, HomeGoods has new stuff coming in all the time, so I’ll need to go back–probably next week–and check it out again. Next time, I think I’m shopping for myself.

Do you have a HomeGoods (or two) in your area? If you go to the Blogher Exclusive Offers page (Click here!), you can leave a comment and become eligible to win: HomeGoods is giving away a $100 gift card as well as twenty $25 gift cards! You’ve got until 12/29/10 to enter; see the program rules on that page for more information.

Happy Shopping!

Disclosure: As I mentioned, I was given a $25 HomeGoods gift card to spend as I wished. There was no obligation whatsoever to blog about it, but I did because I wanted to offer you information on a place where you can shop–for the holidays or anyday–and get more bang for your hard-earned buck!



  • Heather

    I absolutely LOVE the HomeGoods store! So much, that I drive 30 minutes to it at least 3x a month. It's great for little gifts that have to be picked up & ironically, I got all my gifts for my blogging friends there last weekend 😀


    ps: jules is going to LOVE THAT!

  • Dawn

    Great gift! I wish we had a Home Goods near us. I did, however, shop at one when visiting my sister and that is where I found Nick's sheets for his dorm room. I love that store. My sister bought her couch for her screened in porch there. We saw it when we were shopping, then she took my brother in law to check it out and she made him sit on the couch while she shopped so no one else would buy the couch. hehe