Simple Gifts

My sister, upon seeing the title of this one, will think that this post is about one of my favorite songs, which is “Simple Gifts”. The older boy used to play it when he was in middle school orchestra, and then the younger boy learned it on the guitar. I adore it, and he rarely plays it for me anymore. Don’t know the song? Since I haven’t yet caught my kid playing it on camera yet, here’s my second favorite version.

But this post isn’t about that.

As a second grade religious school teacher, I sometimes receive gifts at Hanukkah or at the end of the year. It’s not necessary, of course, for my students to bring me anything, but of course I really appreciate when the families express their appreciation for my work and the fact that I give up my Sunday mornings to help them build their child’s religious foundation.

I often receive gift cards–which ROCK, by the way–and sometimes notecards, candles or yummy treats, either homemade or store-bought. (One family, whose older child was in my class a couple of years ago and whose younger child is in my class now, buys me this fabulous toffee candy that I just want to savor forever. YUM.)

All of those things are wonderful. Sometimes, though, I get the best gift ever.


And yes, it’s from the same Jacob that sent this.

Let that be your reminder in this season that tends to focus on the material, that some of the best gifts don’t cost a thing.


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