Yep, We Have Christmas Traditions Too!

I know that hardly anyone is out there reading blogs today and tomorrow, but thought I’d take this opportunity to wish all of my friends who celebrate it a very Merry Christmas! Jim and I are taking the train to the city for the day to enjoy the last day of the Christkindlmarket (and have German food for lunch! Woot!), to see “Wicked” again (his 2nd time, my 4th!), and then to enjoy dinner before heading home.

After that? Well, you know what me and the rest of my family will be doing…

I hope you have as much fun as we plan to.


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  • Megryansmom

    I'm reading! Your plans sound far more glamorous than mine for today. I'll be finishing cleaning, and then cooking mass quantities of food for tomorrow. Have a wonderful time!

  • Bad Momma

    I LOVE that video! We are "Cashews" (Catholic + Jew) and celebrate all the holidays with presents. I do fondly remember as a child our family tradition of going out for Chinese food on Christmas Eve.

    Happy HanuKwanzamas and a very Happy New Year to you and your family!

  • Tara R.

    That video was hilarious! There have been many years I would have rather gone to Chinese buffet than cook a huge meal.

    Your plans for the day sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

  • Mom24

    I'm reading too! Your day sounds wonderful. I'm very jealous of Wicked, I love that show! Have a wonderful time.

  • The Microblogologist

    Didn't you know, reading Jewish peoples' blogs is now a Christmas Eve tradition 😉 I hope you and the family have a great Christmas running around on the snow covered streets and all that, hehe!

  • Heather

    that video is HILARIOUS. i laughed out loud quite a few times! hahahaha. i hope you guys had a nice holiday (well you know what i mean hahaha)