Lazy Is As Lazy Does

Jim and I went out for our first snowshoeing workout of the season yesterday. I decided to bring Roxie with us because she hasn’t gotten too much exercise lately, the temperature outside wasn’t too cold, and I thought we’d really tire her out by taking her out into the deep (for her, a beagle) snow. I’ve taken her out with me (by myself) several times in the past couple of years, and I practically had to drag her home because she was so tired.

Hmm. This year, unfortunately for us, because she’s no dum-dum, she figured out that snowshoeing would be easier–and more enjoyable–for her if she just trotted behind Jim in the tracks he made.

Roxie: 1
Us: 0

We’ll be going back to the old plan: leaving her home when Jim and I go together.


(Who, me?)


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