Happy New Year From My House To Yours!

Tonight is a very special night in this house.

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s New Year’s Eve and that in itself is special, but we are really looking forward to it this year because we are getting together with our oldest friends (Dawn from Dishin’ with Dawndi and her husband and son), a tradition we’ve had for years with the exception of last year, because they had a family birthday party to attend.

If you miss one year of a great tradition, and then pick it up again the following year, it’s sure to be magical in some shape or form.

What will we do? Well, the main event involves (Are you sitting down? It’s about to get crazy all up in here!) a marathon card game (Spades) or two, during which Dawn and I will be partners and yak yak yak about our “Strategy” (we have none), attempt to intimidate the boys with Spirit Fingers, and chant things like “Go! (clap) Girls! (clap) Go! (clap clap).”


Dawn and Melisa, 12/31/08

I wrote a post about our night two years ago, and I can tell you that tonight will be pretty much the same, except it will take place here at my house, Roxie will be the only dog here (RIP Dutchie.), and Dawn and I will sweep the competition. Oh, and no “Lord of the Rings” glasses, unless Scott packs them for travel. So if you’re wondering just how dorky we are, go read that post.

Happy New Year! I hope you have a fabulous (and safe) night, celebrating in the way you like best, with your favorite people!


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  • kat

    Happy New Year Sis, hope you will be having a magical night aaaaand for 2011 I hope that we will get to meet again (if not then definitely in 2012…:o) ) Lots of Love. xoxo

  • Heather

    that sounds awesome! we are going to a friend's house (with our fur pups) and plan on imbibing on wine & good laughs! (aka board games)

    Curty works until 11pm but we're crossing our fingers he'll make it in time to kiss me on New Years!

    Happy New Year!