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God Save the Drama Queen

For months now, I have been working out for at least an hour every single day, except on long road trip days and even then I will do all I can to get some treadmill time in before I get behind the wheel. My workouts have been the one consistent thing in my day-to-day life since I stopped working a regular job, not to mention I have my sights set on bettering my health and fitness. I like keeping this commitment to and with myself.

Still, after getting up a little after 4:00am for yesterday’s royal wedding festivities and then live blogging it for several hours, I was exhausted enough to consider skipping my workout. Considering skipping a workout is not unusual for me, but actually doing the skipping on a day when I completely have the ability to take the time and effort truly is. I sat in the chair for about ten minutes having an argument with myself, the “fully-committed-to-keeping-my-workout-schedule” side of me trying to push (and shame) the “but-I’m-tired-and-sometimes-a-break-is-okay” side. I ended up texting Liz and her daughters to get outside approval because in all seriousness, being told by someone else that a taking a day off is fine is very helpful to me and my psyche.

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Liz’s youngest gets the Angel of the Day award.

So, I skipped. I felt relieved but also horrible. I thought about my “failure” no less than ten times throughout the day, each time followed by “wow, this is great.” What can I say? I’m an enigma.

After dinner, Jim and I flopped down on the couch to catch up with some shows on our DVR and suddenly I experienced some pain in my right thigh.

Me: “Ow, my right quad is killing me, like I did a really hard leg workout today. But I didn’t.”
Jim: “Huh. Want me to massage it for you?”
Me: “Sure, that would be great.”

Leg massage commences.
Sidenote: I have the most awesome husband.

Me: “Ow. Gosh, what is happening with my leg?? Do you think it’s going into a state of atrophy??”
Jim: “No, I don’t think so.”
Me: “I mean, it feels like little knives are stabbing me in the leg.”
Jim: *blank stare*
Me: “I mean, it feels like my leg muscles are just shriveling up tightly and (making a fist) squeeeeezing together into absolutely nothing!”
Jim: *blink, blink*
Jim, whispering: “I think that’s a little dramatic.”
Me: *throws upper body back on the couch, sighs heavily*

And that’s why I don’t like to skip workouts.
I’m doing a double today, if my leg can make it through.