The Hotel Diaries: Part Two

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After working at the Ascot Hotel, my dad got a job at the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza, where he was the assistant manager. I really liked this hotel; I thought it was very cool that I had to ride an elevator just to get to the lobby, which was (and still is!) on the fifteenth floor. The lower floors were, I believe, offices and conference rooms, and there were shops at street level.

Since my dad wasn’t the Big Cheese at this hotel, my sister and I weren’t yet at the point where we got “whatever we wanted” from the staff (as my mom mentioned in comments on the last post: she was talking about what’s to come in the next two posts), but everyone was, of course, really nice to us. I remember riding the elevators incessantly.

The HIMP had an indoor pool and we could swim year-round, which was a real step-up from the outdoor, rooftop pool of the Ascot Hotel. The added bonus? I got to have a pool party for my birthday. I remember it was a really, really big deal to me to invite a couple of my closest friends to the city for pizza and swimming, in NOVEMBER.

I remember that, when my dad was working at this hotel, we tried frozen yogurt for the first time when a shop opened downstairs. Back then it was a pretty new thing. They called it “Frogurt”, and my very favorite flavor was lemon. Would I choose lemon today? Absolutely not. Back then, though? YUMMY.

It was also during this time period when we got our first Simon game, and I remember sitting in a hotel room on several occasions (I’m pretty sure with my dad’s boss’ family), playing Simon for hours at a time. That was an awesome game, and we played it for years after. In a way, it was a precursor to “Bop It”.

Something else that happened as a result of my dad having the HIMP job? He sometimes got tickets to local shows and attractions. (This might be the one thing that a hotel manager has in common with a blogger, but I’m not sure.) I saw my first musical back then: it was “Bubbling Brown Sugar”, and it was awesome. We got the soundtrack (on LP, of course), and I wore that thing out. In fact, I still know a couple of the songs (you probably do, too!) and as I’m typing this I think I might check to see if it’s on iTunes*.

After a couple of years of being an assistant manager, my dad was offered a job managing his own Holiday Inn. We were off to Texas!

To be continued…

OMG! I just found out that a “Bubbling Brown Sugar” revival is headed to Broadway THIS YEAR!!! I think my sister and I might need a NYC trip…


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  • kat

    "What is that LP thing you're speaking of? [said in a mock British accent] Haha, just kidding. Awesome memories.

  • Anonymous

    This was a great hotel. We got to stay when ever the Manager went on a trip. We saw some great concerts too for free.

    Didn't we get to see Puff N Stuff when he was at the Ascot and have back stage passes. Or did you try and keep that out of your mind. Dixie and her family went with.

    Or is that a bad memory.

    Good times.

    Grandma W

  • Heather

    I think that would be such an awesome job– to work in a hotel at any level. Oh, the stories you could tell!

  • Otter Thomas

    Can't wait to hear more. I'm sure in your position I would have taken advantage and screwed everything up. I'm sure you were a good girl though.

  • Burgh Baby

    I have a Simon app on my phone and my 4-year old constantly plays it. That is one game that will never stop rocking, for sure.

  • Anonymous

    As Ronald Regan used to say when political opponents said some not so nice things about him and Republicans in general..'Well, there he goes again!" Well, here I go again! 🙂

    I'm Melisa's (and Julie's) Dad and very proud to say anyone!

    Yes, I was able to get a lot of perks for my two girls and not once did they ever disappoint or embarass me by bad behavior in my hotel or anywhere we took them.

    Melisa describes her perks but I received some too! Mine were being in a position to be able to give them to her and her sis and watch them as they enjoyed what they saw and did. They never failed to say please and thank you to a food server or anyone on my staff who did things for them. To this day, Melisa and Julie still know and practice good manners, caring about other people's feelings and never take what they have for granted. I have to give their Mom full credit for how great they were as young adults. Yes, young adults! Even when some would call them kids.

    I close by telling the reader this….

    I truly believe that the best of the best 'perks' are those of pride and joy a parent gets from his/her children. My girls are consistent in making me never take for granted what I had and still have!

    Melisa, (and Julie), I love you both and you're the best daughters a father could EVER have!


  • Tara R.

    Must have been fun to have your own (practically) indoor pool.

    What a nice comment from your dad. He sounds like a really great guy.