Alright, Who Ate My Feed??

Just a quick note to those of you who read Suburban Scrawl using Google Reader or any other feed reader:

My sister brought it to my attention (thank you!) that the video I embedded near the end of yesterday’s post, the thing I referred to as “one of the funniest things I’ve ever created”, didn’t show up in the feed at all, meaning that if you read my post and didn’t click through to the blog page itself, you were probably thinking, “Wow, funniest thing ever, huh? Too bad she didn’t want to share it.”

Rest assured, I did. So if you missed it, readers of my feed, please click here to be whisked away immediately to yesterday’s post, where you can indeed enjoy one of my funniest creations ever.

How funny is it? My husband, who absolutely hates it when the boys and I pull up Youtube videos to show him why we’re laughing so hard because what he finds funny isn’t always the same as what we find funny, has watched my creation about five times so far, since last night. The most recent viewing? While I was at Sunday School this morning. He told me he might watch it again later. Convinced?

Happy Sunday!


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  • ThePeachy1

    so glad you went back and clarified this because I was one of those people sitting quietly thinking I didn't get it. Now I went to the other post and watched it, well that's a lie, it wont let me watch it it just turns green, but I listened too it twice. So are you the guy in this relationship? Sign me up for an embrace the pain bejazzeled shirt, I don't work out but I think I qualify as one who knows pain and totally deserves that shirt.

    I hope I will see how muscley and awesome you guys look in August, I can only attest to the fact I will probably walk / move less between now and then, then you guys will in a day. So make my shirt like Sumo wrestler xxxxxxl k? thanks.

  • Shawna Lee Coronado

    Speaking of the missing feed issue. I truly wish with all my blog-reading heart that you had an email sign up so that I could receive your blog in my email box. I follow so many blogs that my favorites often get lost in the shuffle so that I hardly see them.

    If you go to my gardening blog ( you'll see where I use feedburner to allow my readers to sign up via email should they like that option.

    Any chance M?

    Thanks a bunch for considering my request!


  • Melisa with one S

    Yes Peachy, I'm the guy, only because I didn't see an option to change it. haha

    Shawna: I sent you an email with this exact comment back, but for everyone else…I actually DO have that option, and it's been on the lower side of my left margin, but after reading your comment I am going to move it up! So come back and subscribe, if you'd like! Thanks for bringing this up: it's nice to find out that something is a little off, especially when I can fix it! 🙂

  • As Cape Cod Turns

    So hilarious and now I might have to start working out so I can earn one of those bedazzled shirts. Damn it! I can't have you two looking all hot mama on me and me looking like a 43 year old saggy mama.

    Bring on the ben gay!

  • Heather

    Yeah, when you insisted on Twitter that I come check it out, I did, with my Blackberry and was like "What is so funny?" but figured it was a video because my BB doesn't show vids on blogs, and I always have a really hard time reading your blog on my BB because of the background. BUT, no fear, I got my sick butt out of bed on Sunday am and watched it and laughed.