Ready For My Closeup…Sort Of. (Part 2)

Did you read Part 1 yet? You should, before moving on. Click here to read it.

When I woke up at 2:30 a.m. I was completely annoyed. Naturally my thoughts went to the photo shoot, and then to other “work” related items. I tried my best to think about things like puffy white clouds and wide open meadows, to no avail. I was wide awake. I made myself stay in bed until about 4:40, and that’s when I got up and started getting myself ready. The hair, though it took a really long time, turned out really well! I followed Lynn’s (my hair stylist) directions and was beyond pleased, even though it would’ve looked nicer if she had done it…but I worked with what little skill I have and did just fine.

Instead of wearing my winter coat, I grabbed my spring-weight* black leather jacket, because I thought it looked nice with my coral top, turquoise necklace, black pants, and black boots. I even remembered lipstick, so yay for me**!

I picked up Julesie at just a couple of minutes past six and we headed in to the city. Traffic was a breeze, and we grabbed ourselves a parking spot on Kinzie, right across State Street from Marina City, for only three bucks. THAT? Is awesome. The only reason we got such a primo parking spot was because we got there early enough; had we waited a little longer, I would’ve had to pay about fourteen dollars for one hour in a parking garage.

We walked away from my car and I was instantly reminded that it’s winter. It was about twenty degrees outside, and windy. I wasn’t wearing a hat (the HAIR, you know!), and I accidentally left my gloves in the car (oops). The photo shoot was fun, but it was hard to keep my shoulders from rising up towards my ears because of the frigid temperatures. My kids will be happy to know that I consider this photo shoot to be the payback I was owed from this one:

The year? 2000. Jim and I took the boys to the city to take our holiday card photo in front of Buckingham Fountain. It was an abnormally cold day in late fall, and when we arrived at the fountain, which is in Grant Park, I took off their coats*** and sent them over to start posing.

“It’s cold, Mom!” they yelled at me, their teeth all a-chatter.

“It’s not that bad,” I replied, “ACT WARM!****”

That phrase has haunted me–with Jim’s help, of course–ever since. (You must admit, though, the picture is simply adorable! Right?)

So yesterday, at my own photo shoot, I did my best to act warm. Well, I did that whenever I wasn’t making statements about how I needed to “get some people” like Mariah Carey has, and that Julesie’s job would be much easier “if I had an Andre, like Oprah does”. She was not only scouting out good angles and locations, but she was hanging on to my purse and my hair and makeup bag (since most surfaces were covered with ice and snow and it wasn’t a good idea to put it all down), adjusting my hair (often: remember, it was windy!), aaaand finally, taking pictures–with two cameras: film***** AND digital.

Between the cold, the wind, my flyaway (but still ever-so-pretty) hair, my smiling issues, and my frozen toes, it’s amazing that we had as much fun as we did. Of course, things got a little goofy–just like they usually do when we’re working on a serious project–after a little while, and the Austin Powers quotes came out:

“Yes…yes…yes…NO! NO!”
“You’re an animal…now you’re a LEMUR!” (click here for that clip.)

In the end, she got a bunch of fabulous pictures, and we’re working on figuring out which one will appear on the back of my book. I will also probably frame one for Jim. I’m pretty sure the last time I posed for a solo photo shoot (intentionally, with advance preparation) was in 1988, when I went to Glamour Shots, and ohmygosh, I just realized that I wore a black leather jacket in that picture, too. (and NO, I WON’T BE POSTING THAT PICTURE, even though it’s very cool.)

I was all set to post one of the outtakes for you when I started writing this post last night, but my sister told me there would be a delay because she was “doing something” to it before sending. It arrived, and it was worth the wait.

Ladies and gentleman, one of the outtakes, the “lemur picture” (objects in picture may appear larger than they actually are):

Mra%2BMiss 502
I won’t be using this one on the book cover, but it’s indeed spectacular, don’t you think?

*Foreshadowing! See it?
**Trust: my remembering lipstick is major.
***I know, shush.
****Oh yes, I did.
*****YES, she still uses a camera that requires film. Isn’t that awesome?


©2011 Suburban Scrawl


  • ThePeachy1

    LOVE this one… in fact I may print it and frame it for my husband to have at work, then we will tell everyone I am just his mistress LOL. You go wild woman ! RAWR you're a lemur.

  • Megryansmom

    Awww your boys were so stinkin cute! Not that they aren't cute now.

    I think you should definitely post those Glamour Shots pictures, they can't be any worse than mine from oh, let me think here, we still lived in Schaumburg, I went to Stratford, I think the occasion was turning 30, ding ding ding the year was 1992!

    I'll post mine if you post yours and we can link back to each other. Deal?


    That pictures is all sorts of AWESOME! 🙂

    Um one question, why not take the kids holiday picture in the summer? Poor freezing children! LOL 🙂
    They look adorable!

    We need to see the Glamour shot.

  • Carol

    BWAHAHAHAHA "Melzilla"!! LOVE IT! You crack me up!! Can't wait!

    And seriously, the kids…they did good and look great. LOL!

  • Michelle

    You know I'm going to take that photo and do something with it, right? Love it!

    So glad the photo shoot worked out, and I want more pictures. This isn't the end of the series is it?

    And GlamourShots? Bwahhahaha. I have GOT to see it. GOT to.

  • Melissa

    You should totally frame that picture and give it to Jim!!

    It's so much better then any Glamour Shots picture you may have stuffed up on the closet shelf somewhere.

    And your lemur pose…right on. You animal you…

  • Lisa

    Oh i can't wait to see a nonouttake. The outtake is clearly fabulous and should be printed too 🙂
    and your boys are adorable! I love that you made them freeze for the shot. We must suffer for true art

  • TheNextMartha

    I'm gonna need that photo blown up book cover sized. That is the only way I will be able to have you sign it. Lemur style. Oh and CONGRATS!

  • kat

    Hilarious, you really crack me up. You need to "get some people"? Haha I am sure it was cold enough so that you didn't need nipple tweakers like JLo does. Seriously, I am still laughing just thinking about the two of you, out in the cold. Can't wait for the final result. Have a lovely Sunday. Lots of love xoxo

  • House of Jules

    Nobody is allowed to use that image without first paying me a fee. Please email for details. Thank you.

  • As Cape Cod Turns

    That is the perfect picture for the book!!!! Way to go Jules! Forget the rest of them, I vote Lemur!!!! And the hair! It's gorgeous! Glad you both had fun despite freezing and not sleeping! 🙂

  • Heather

    you're hilarious! hahaha. i love the whole "act warm". that's what we did this time last year when me, my bridesmaids and my flower girl (who was 2) stood out in 19 degrees to get a pic for the wedding 😉


  • DaddysFishBowl

    That pic is awesome! Can't wait to see what you guys decided to go with for the final version. Congrats again!!

  • Anonymous

    Great shot at one of my favorite places. That is where I have always wanted to live. Just take away the cold weather and I'm their. Can't wait to see the other shots.
    Grandma W

  • Otter Thomas

    I love the picture. It should go on the front cover of the book. And kudos as always to your awesome taste and knowledge of funny movies. Austin Powers reference was a classic.

  • WeaselMomma

    You are awesome sauce! I'm sorry that I missed this post until now.

    We need to find some phone time and catch up.