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One of the things I love about coming back up north is having the ability to stick up on things I can’t get in Knoxville. Being in Kenosha for this holiday meant a mandatory trip to my favorite grocery store.

Woodman’s is a Wisconsin-based chain that is employee-owned and has the largest selection of products I have ever seen, as in four whole aisles of candy, one entire corner of the store devoted to soda pop and other beverages, and an aisle the length of the entire back of the store full of every kind of chip you could ever want, just to name a few. Unlike other stores which usually have EITHER a great selection of products and a less-than-satisfactory produce department OR a great produce department and a less-than-satisfactory selection of products, Woodman’s is the whole package. I remember being completely overwhelmed in the best way, the first time I walked through the doors.

Today we drove over and I was so excited to get out of the car and stroll through those aisles. Like I do every time, I marveled at just how much stuff was available to choose from. One of the adjustments we’ve had to make since we moved to Knoxville (population 175,000) is a lack of choice on so many things and also a simple inability to get others. Here in the Chicagoland metropolitan area (population 9,000,000 and yes, technically Kenosha Wisconsin is a part of it), it’s all right here at our fingertips.

As it turned out, my excitement over the sheer abundance at Woodman’s didn’t translate to my cart; we got just a few things this time. It got me thinking; “more” really isn’t always “better.” Woodman’s mass quantities cannot be found in Knoxville, but I really do have exactly what I need there. While it’s fun to go back home to Chicagoland and treat myself, in Knoxville I’m with my love, all of my basic needs are being met, and I’m very happy. Who could ask for more?

Happy Thanksgiving!