Double Dog Dare…Done.

I am very comfortable behind a camera. Though I still (Yes, STILL. Sigh.) use an old point and shoot camera whose left side is held together by hot pink duct tape, I take lots and lots of pictures. When I tell people that I went away for three days and took five hundred pictures, they are shocked, but that’s how it is: I’ve always tried to capture just about everything when I have my camera with me.

Though I do hand the camera over to someone else so I can appear with my family in front of it (wouldn’t want the kids to think their mom was never around!), I’m not super-crazy about being the subject of photographs by myself; it’s awkward for me. I don’t consider myself to be very photogenic, really.

When my sister took pictures of me a couple of weeks ago for my book cover, I was very comfortable working with her (duh), but she still had to remind me to relax and have fun (and that I was a lemur). I mentioned, when I wrote about the experience, that the last time I had done a photo shoot all by myself was in 1988, at the ripe old age of twenty (yeah, do the math. I’m old.) at Glamour Shots.

THEN the floodgates opened and people started begging me to post my Glamour Shots picture.

Are you kidding me? That was a lifetime ago. I was CUTE then, for goodness sakes–dare I say, adorable!

I had no plans to post the picture. And then Rita had to go and double dog dare me, after she posted her OWN Glamour Shots picture, which you MUST see.

In fact, I’ll wait. Click here so Rita’s blog opens up in another window, and look at her Glamour Shots picture, and then you may continue reading. (My blog, my rules.)

Anyway, after a few days of taunting me, Rita finally promised that, if I posted my own picture, she would flood the comments with compliments, and who wouldn’t want that? (Anyway, I really do like the picture. I vividly remember looking at all of my proofs, many of them including that silly feather boa–sorry Rita!–and telling the Glamour Shots person, “No, no, no…the boa really isn’t me. The leather jacket pictures really look more like my style.” As if I have ever had style in my life…)

Here you go. No laughing, please.

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