The Early (Book) Birds Catch The Chance To Win A Gift Card…

So, I wrote this book, a Chicago-area travel guide for families with tweens and teens. Have you heard?

Yesterday, I got the best email from my publisher. The subject line said “It is done!” (I mean seriously, I bet even YOU were beginning to wonder if this book would ever be done. Am I right?)

What that means is, the final edits have been made on the typesetter’s end, and the book has been uploaded to the printer. By the beginning of next week, I should have an actual sample copy in my hands. Once that happens, I will look at the book, make sure the cover isn’t on upside-down (because that’s pretty much what would have to happen, according to my publisher, in order for me to make any changes at this point) jump for joy when I see that the cover is indeed right-side-up, and call my publisher immediately to tell her “Full steam ahead!”

To celebrate, I will be giving away a $30 Target gift card to one person, chosen randomly from everyone who pre-orders my book through Saturday, May 7th. (By the way, those of you who have already ordered the book–you know who you are–will get two entries in the drawing because you were Extra Early Birds!)

How would one go about pre-ordering, you ask? It’s super-easy. Go to my book’s website and click on the right sidebar, where it says “Buy the Book!” By the way, all books ordered directly from that site will be signed with my name and the date. If you’d like me to sign it TO you (or whomever), please leave special instructions.

If you are local (meaning IN MY TOWN) and know me personally, you can avoid the shipping costs by emailing me to arrange a book order that I will deliver to you at a mutually-agreeable meeting place (or I can hold it for you until my local book signing on May 23). In order to be eligible for the gift card drawing, I must have your payment (in person or via mail) by May 7.

I will draw the winning name on Mother’s Day (aww!), May 8th.

(Please spread the word, especially if you know of anyone with older kids who is planning a trip to Chicago! Thanks!)