So, @thepioneerwoman Came To My Local Book Store Last Night…

I totally forgot that she was going to be signing books in my quaint little downtown book shop, due to the fact that I’m preparing for, ahem, my own book’s release next week. After I was reminded about her appearance by a dear, gifted friend, and considering the fact that I was mere minutes from being on my way to another store in my quaint little downtown, I made the snap decision to go, buy a couple of Ree’s books, and get them signed.

Let me just say that going to a Pioneer Woman signing is a GREAT idea, but a better idea would be to plan to attend ahead of the actual day, so there would be hope of 1) buying a book in advance and getting a low number for the line or 2) clearing the activities for the evening so waiting in a line wouldn’t sabotage my chances of getting anything else done.

Though Ree–who is just as gorgeous in person!–was signing her heart out, the line was moving too slowly for this girl (two thumbs pointing to myself). Though I had a fabulous ice breaker (“Momo is one of my best friends, and she said to tell you hi!”) and a silly way to make our meeting memorable (“I forgot to bring my camera and only have my cell phone: can I take a self-portrait of us?”), it wasn’t meant to be, this time. This is how close I got:

I was not stalking her. Just sayin.'(Yes, this practically looks like I’m stalking her, taking my picture through the greeting card racks. But I wasn’t. Pinky swear.)

After waiting for 45 minutes and finding out that there were still about fifty people ahead of me, I had to get home to tend to my own book promotions and such. My meeting with Ree was not meant to be, today. I’m confident that with better planning on my part, and maybe if I stop in Columbus and grab Momo for the ride, we’ll meet eventually!


  • DawnC

    If there was better planning on my part and we could have done this together! But, you beat Jim home, so kudos to you. 😉

  • DaddysFishBowl

    I’m super late, but congrats on the new home!!! I’m really digging the layout, kudos to you.

    BTW, you are sooooooooo a stalker!!! That picture looks like it was ripped straight out of a lifetime movie!

  • Heather

    Oh that is a bummer! I met her at BlogHer ’09 and hilariously enough, I didn’t even know who she WAS! I just sat in the lobby and chatted her and her hubs and two kids up– we were playing chess while they were waiting for her to get done with something. She was incredibly sweet and I guess now I will always feel lucky to have met up with her for awhile 🙂

  • Alicia

    I live in the next town over and was SO upset when I realized she was in town and I was home alone with two sleeping toddlers. My friends got pictures with her though. They are so lucky!