Like A Horse And Carriage.

I had the most spectacular day. I had various appointments in the city (now, doesn’t that sound important?) and needed a sidekick, so I called upon my hilarious, awesome friend Margaret. I met Margaret all the way back in February of this year when I took her Chicago Pedway tour (her tour company is called Chicago Elevated, and it ROCKS.), and we became fast friends.

Margaret and I made our way around the city, talking non-stop. The weather was PERFECT. We had a great time, we both learned a few things, and the day flew by. (Uh, for me, anyway.) Our lunch was one of my favorite parts of the day, because after I talked Margaret’s ear off so much that she was finished eating and I had barely begun, I got to eat while she told me a little more about her past. We had a great conversation about the character of the city of Chicago, and it was just…fun, talking. After lunch, we covered lots of ground in the Loop area (as we both usually do, separately!), and I got to take some fabulous pictures with my new camera (I LOVE THE ART FILTERS, by the way). My favorites are these of Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park, which Margaret and I serenaded with the “Married With Children” theme song.

Grainy Film filter!
Pop Art Filter!

While shooting some videos in Millennium Park, we came across two girls giving Free Hugs, so Margaret and I went and took advantage of that. They were adorable.


I wanted a self portrait from today, so we stopped in the Lurie Garden to take care of that piece of business before heading to the next destination on our crazy city tour.


Thanks for the fabulous day, Margaret! You are the…well, you know.