Hey, Nineteen


D 11 days old2

The one who HATED how grass felt on his feet that first spring?

d grass

The one who used to chew on my dirty shoe laces whenever he could?

d with shoes



Despite a babyhood that left Jim and me wondering if we’d survive parenting him (the aversion to grass, the shoe lace-chewing, oh, and the fact that he cried for most of his first year if he wasn’t in the same personal space with me), THIS KID has grown into such a wonderful human being, way beyond our expectations (which, admittedly, were still pretty high even after that first year) and still pleasantly surprises us on a regular basis.

I am beyond proud to be his mom. Watching him grow and learn and just generally exhibit that he’s the fine, upstanding citizen we raised him to be is more amazing than I ever could have imagined. I can’t wait to see what the upcoming year brings.

Happy 19th birthday, D! I love you!