I’m With The Brand! No, Really. I Am! #CleverRockStar

If there’s a smurf that’s good at smurfing a smurf, it’s definitely Clever Smurfs Collective. The smurf smurfed a smurf a couple of smurfs ago in San Diego, and smurf was smurfed by all!

Okay, let me try that in English, since you might be a little rusty in Smurf.

Clever Girls Collective (are YOU a Clever Girl? No? You should be! Click here to check out the site and apply!), which is made up of an awesome group of ladies who I really admire for both their business sense AND their spunky nature, threw one heck of a party at BlogHer ’11 in San Diego.

The party, which took place on Thursday evening, August 4 at the Hotel Solomar in the Gaslamp District, was beyond amazing. First, the location. Poolside? With a huge bar? Great party lighting? Wow.

And there was this:

SO Smurfy!

Why Icey Smurf? Well, the new Smurfs movie just came out and Ubisoft, which was the Diamond sponsor of the party, released “The Smurfs Dance Party” video game, which was in evidence on-site. The color of the evening was blue, but the mood was definitely not so. (P.S. BLUE DRINKS!)

The color of the evening? Blue, of course.

The apps were great and there was a little snack bar by another sponsor, Fresh & Easy. Kettle corn, chocolates, gummies…yum.

Great app- and snack-style food to keep the energy up while trying out the games from Ubisoft!

Walking around, it wasn’t just dance challenges going on, no no no.

There was no shortage of video games. Throwdowns were happening all over the place.

Other sponsors included PopCap, Juice in the City, Cricket Communications, epiphanie, Foodily, Podotree, Wine Sisterhood, Fooz Kids, and Federated Media. All of them had representatives present who were there to engage the party guests, and countless connections were made.

If all of that wasn’t enough, there were temporary tattoos and caricatures goin’ on.

The entire environment as a whole had me at hello.

I loved the Clever Girls Collective logo, brightly displayed on the building next door like it was watching over the party.
The bar. So pretty.

The dress code of the evening was rockin’, too. Everyone was all glitzy and glittery and fancy and schmancy, and smurfy, of course. It was fun to dress up for this event!

One of my favorite parts of the night was finally getting a big group of my friends (we have a private group on Facebook) together for a photo. Only half of us were at the party, but it was great to get a half-group picture! Thanks to Clever Girls Collective for bringing us together.

The party was a great place to make new friends...and connect with "old" ones.

It was a great night. CGC knows how to throw a great party, and how to connect brands and bloggers. I’m proud to be a part of the organization!

Disclosure: I am not only a Clever Girl, but also the recipient of a partial sponsorship from CGC to the BlogHer conference and was asked to write an event recap. All words and opinions are, as usual, mine.

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