Pet Peeve #248, Mostly In Run-On Sentences.

If you were at a reception and you put some cheese and crackers on your plate and then you walked away from the table to go and talk to your friends and while you were talking to your friends you were eating and suddenly one of your crackers fell on the ground…

Would you pick it up and dispose of it out of respect for the venue and the people who work there, as well as to show others around you that you not only are aware of what’s going on around you but also that you are a responsible resident of earth who cares about doing the right thing, OR…

Would you give it a half-glance before looking at your plate to see what you had left to eat, and then continue chatting and laughing with those around you, figuring that someone else would pick up the fallen cracker eventually?

I watched two crackers fall at an event yesterday, each from the plate of someone different. In both cases, the latter scenario came into play. And so I ask you, “What is wrong with people??”


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