Reestablishing Chicago As The House Music Capital of the World

I had a conversation on Facebook yesterday that made me positively giddy. I was in a back-and-forth with my friend who you might remember: Jane the Phoole from the Bristol Renaissance (Ren-AY-sance) Faire. One of the things I adore about “Jane” is that she may spend her summer days dressed up in 16th century chic, but she spends her nights listening to House music, which is SO NOT 16th century.

The juxtaposition of Jane’s (whose real name is Ann) Facebook statuses cracks me up on a regular basis, because how funny is it to see that one day during Ren Faire season she’s posting something like this:

“Join Jane the Phoole every day this weekend at the Bristol Renaissance Faire for PHOOLE’S COURT, a Salon of Delightful Chit-Chattery, at 3:00 p.m. each day (including Labor Day Monday!). Click the link for details and locations!”

and a few days afterwards she’s posting something like this:

“ATTENTION: The Young Punx, Phonat and all of your MoFoHiFi freak favs blow up your skull with ELECTROFUNKINDISCOBREAKIN, available on Beatport! Big beatz and plenty of bass for your face! GET GET GET”

That’s not to say that a Ren Faire actress wouldn’t have a 21st century side of life, but in a sense it’s a little bit like the young student who is shocked that his teacher actually goes home to a family and sometimes shops at the mall: it’s just not something you put together upon first meeting.

Anyway, Jane/Ann and I share a love of electronica and the genres that have sprung off of it, and I thoroughly enjoy her recommendations. Yesterday, I noticed in the scrolling timeline that she “liked” the Rizzle Kicks page, so I promptly posted a song title on her wall and, well, that’s when the ideas started sparking.


I’m guessing that neither one of us actually has the kind of money to fund our big ideas, but if I close my eyes for a moment and imagine a thick bass beat with well-placed drops, the whole concept looks really good in my mind.

(If you need additional entertainment today, check out the blooper reel I made from my visit with Jane early this summer. Click here.)

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