When Any Seat Is A Great Seat At A Chicago Blackhawks Game

I recently had the good fortune to be a guest of General Motors’ Driving the Midwest at a year-end celebration of their “Our Town, Our Heroes” program, which spotlights Illinois folks who donate their time and resources to people and causes in need and “drive positive change in the community”.

The event happened to take place in a Penthouse-level suite at United Center during a Chicago Blackhawks game. Much like the time I got invited to watch a Cubs game from a rooftop, watching a (2010 Stanley Cup Champions) Blackhawks game from the eighth floor in total luxury was something I have never before experienced, and appreciated from the depths of my being. IT ROCKED, you guys.

That being said, as a Chicagoan, I am 100% sure you don’t have to be enjoying the game from a Penthouse-level suite to feel like your heart is exploding with hometown pride when the Blackhawks score and “Chelsea Dagger” starts playing over the loudspeakers. The jumping up and down is the same.

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  • Michelle

    Wait, you mean that you actually watched the game? I thought you were busy the whole time working. Go figure. 😉

    And on a completely separate note: I am so much better with that song being played at a Blackhawks game than an NCAA college football game. I feel like it will be forever assiciated with the Heinekin commercial, and it’s just not right in an event that is supposed to be alcohol free, focused on families, and is all about kids who are for the most part below drinking age. I’m off my soapbox now.

    • Melisa

      No no no, we were working for about 40 minutes. I thoroughly enjoyed the rest!

      And on your separate note: I have no idea what you’re talking about. You’ll have to explain it to me next time I see you!