The Warning

Due to the fact that every single day I get a bunch of hits on this post from searches like “I don’t want a dog but my kids do”, “how to tell your child no dog” (ahem, how about saying “NO DOG”??), and even “how to get rid of my dog”, I feel the need to start this post with a disclaimer about how what I am about to share here is meant to be funny. If you are a regular reader you will already know that, but if you get here on a random search, please know that my trouble-making dog is very well-loved. Thanks for your time and attention. Now, the post.

Ages ago when it was just me, Jim and our late, great beagle Bijoux in the house, I happened upon something at the mall that I really, really wanted. It was a beagle sculpture made by a company called Sandicast.

Money was pretty tight back then. Jim was in the Navy and I was going to college. We didn’t have excess money for “just because” kinds of purchases, and spending nearly $25 on a beagle sculpture was out of the question for a while.

Time went by and after many visits to the mall (we used to hang out at the mall just for fun) when I would pass by that beagle sculpture and gaze at it longingly, we came to a point where it was something we felt like we could buy. We have moved that thing around with us from place to place since then, and at one point I even used a black Sharpie to color in a small chip in its nose, a byproduct of not being protected enough during one of our moves.

A couple of weeks ago, the beagle sculpture was involved in a terrible accident while some of my family members were cleaning up the family room. I was not home at the time, but found this on the kitchen counter upon my return:

2011 12 149515.43.30

I was told that they would’ve glued it back together for me but they couldn’t find the right glue. Before I got a chance to look for it, something on the counter next to the sculpture caught my eye. It was a note, written in J’s hand:

2011 12 149515.44.14
The smiley face was a nice touch, don't you think?

I couldn’t help but laugh. Now if only Roxie could read.

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