In Concert

Considering that Jim is into heavy metal and rock, D is into alternative and rock, J is into electronica, and I’m into pop and electronica (mostly), the fact that there are a few select recording artists that all four of us really, really like is pretty amazing.

Related: I will tell you that Jim and I have dreams for our boys. Concert dreams.

For years, we have told the boys that their first concert would be that of one of these select few artists, so we could all go together.

You see, I have always wanted my sons’ first concert experience to be wonderful, because I am a little embarrassed about my own.

While living in Texas in 1980, my parents took my sister and me to see Kenny Rogers, whose opening act was Dave and Sugar. This might be something fabulous if you’re a big fan of country music, but we never really were (we really did like Kenny Rogers at the time, though. Hello, “The Gambler”? Love it.), and it’s really not a great feeling to have to sigh and say, “Yeah…my first concert was Kenny Rogers, plus Dave and Sugar.”

One of our family-favorite acts that came here on their last concert tour, AC/DC, was charging something like $200 per ticket. Sorry boys. We had to skip that one. (Jim and I saw them about twelve years ago though, and thought the show was superb!)

Last year, D’s college hosted 30 Seconds To Mars, and he attended the show. The concert blew his mind. I’m thrilled that he won’t ever have to sigh before he tells people about his first concert.

Now we just have to get J to a good show.

Another one of our family-favorite acts is coming to Chicago soon. In fact, this act IS Jim’s favorite. Jim and I have seen this act twice already, and we really, really want to go this time, with Julesie and the boys. The problem is, we anticipate that tickets will sell out almost immediately. We’re crossing everything that we can get in under the wire.

Who is it?

I’ll tell you after we attempt to get tickets.


  • kathi

    Ooh! Ooooh! I know, I know! But I won’t say so as not to jinx it.

    My first concert was Three Dog Night and Chicago in the summer of 1971 (summer after 7th grade). Tickets for me and a girlfriend were a birthday gift from my parents. My mom and aunt did not actually camp overnight for the tickets, but they did go to stand in line starting from oh-dark-thirty in the morning. I do not think I appreciated this enough at the time. Both bands are still touring which kind of blows my mind.

    • Melisa

      Three Dog Night is still touring????? WOW.
      I knew Chicago was, but…wow.

      Yeah, I don’t think many people really camped out back then. Funny how times have changed.