Old Habits Die Hard.

When he was little, J–like so many other young kids–had a strong aversion to bread crust. Unfortunately for him, I had a strong aversion to making a sandwich and then cutting off the crusts for my kid. Call me mean if you want, but I just figured that if he didn’t like the bread crust that much, he could just eat around it. I did help him out a little bit, though, by cutting his sandwiches into quarters on the diagonal. This way, he could nibble what he considered “the good stuff” all the way down to the crust.


That picture above, though? That was my sandwich, from yesterday’s lunch. You see, my mom used to cut my sandwiches into quarters on the diagonal, and I still cut them that way for myself, every single time. (I DO eat the crust, in case you’re wondering.)


  • Shannon

    You feel like you’re eating more when you cut a sandwich into fourths!

    Also, when I was a kid my mom used to tell us that there were more vitamins in the crust than in the rest of the bread, so we had to eat the crusts. I continued to believe this until a couple of years ago, when she admitted that it was a lie. Looking back, it of course makes no sense that the nutrients would all pool in the crust while the bread is baking.

  • Ally Bean

    My mother had the same idea about bread crust removal that you do. However, she always cut my sandwiches into non-triangular shapes: (1 cut, 2 rectangles) or (2 cuts, 4 squares). I thought that triangles were so cute, but she didn’t go for such nonsense. I have no idea why she was anti-triangle but she was. Weird, huh?

  • Grandma W

    It tickles me that you still do that for yourself. Thanks for keeping up that tradition. I have been eatting Nutella at least once a week. I haven’t had it I don’t think since your Dad and I were living in
    Germany. It is sooooo good.

    Love you
    Grandma W

  • Toni

    My mom always cut on the diagonal too. I remember going to school and having lunch…and wondering why they cut the sandwiches in half the rectangle way. I thought it was SO weird! I’ve always cut my son’s on the diagonal too 😀 Does it seem to you that the tinier the pieces, the faster you eat the sandwich? LOL