New Week, New Frame of Mind

Last week was a TERRIBLE week around here.

Specifically I’m talking about personally, in this house. It started with the basement flooding and went downhill from there.

basement flood

Yes, downhill. ARGH.

That said, I can’t gloss over the fact that, way outside of my house, the church shooting in Charleston happened last week. It broke my heart, not only because of the cold-blooded murder of nine people and the fact that this was, without a doubt, a racially-motivated hate crime and not only because it happened in a place of worship where people are supposed to feel (and BE) safe–our temple has police supervision outside during the High Holidays and I know this is where some Black churches are headed and it’s terribly sad–but mainly because it makes me sad sad sad about the state of our country in the 21st century. Are we really still in a place where there is THAT much race-related hate? Yes, we are. Please read this and this and this. There are lots more where those came from.

Don’t like reading much? WATCH THIS.

So, getting back to my personal week last week? Well, that’s over. My basement is dry again. The other issues that came up are either fixed or in progress. I have a new frame of mind for my own little world this week, and things are much, much better already around here.

As for the bigger picture in our country? Things haven’t changed yet, of course. (I WISH.) Our country has a long, long way to go in order to get to a point where race relations isn’t a volatile issue, and it’s not going to happen if we sit back and do nothing. I’m hoping that this post might inspire you to write about it, have a conversation about it, and stop being quiet about it if you’re waiting for a signal to get a new frame of mind and/or a plan of action. THIS IS IT.

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