Just Because You Really Need To See This.

I don’t do this too often because I don’t want my subscribers (ahem, do you subscribe to Suburban Scrawl? No? Click here to either add me to your feed reader or get me delivered to your inbox) to be annoyed with an extra, feeder post, but now and then I really want EVERYBODY who reads Suburban Scrawl to see a post that is considered a review because it includes brand information (and is, because of that, posted on an ad-free page that you “home page clickers” don’t see just by visiting. See why you should SUBSCRIBE???), but really rocks out as a post in general.

Today is one of those days.

On Monday night, I got the pleasure of cooking side-by-side with Chef Stephanie Izard (winner of “Top Chef” season 4 and Chef/Partner at Chicago’s Girl and The Goat).

Read about it HERE.